Why Am I Doing This?

As of Jan 4, 2012 I had never heard of  Brianne Chantal Patterson aka BrianneChantal aka Anne Chantal aka Anne Chantal Patterson. On Jan 5, 2012 that would all change.

You see my husband and I ran a facebook page called Boycott Casey Anthony's Future Earnings - No Money For Murder , now unpublished. On the evening of Jan 4, 2012 we uploaded for free the now infamous viral video diary of her. The next day we were inundated with calls, followers and as these things go, trolls. One stuck out mainly because she would not stop pming us claiming to "know things" and to have a third video that she claimed she was afraid to post because her "life was in danger." Something was just off about this girl, and after a brief Google search of her name we knew why. Its seems she has quite the history of internet stalking, lying, and desperate attempts in trying to insert herself into anything newsworthy. My husband called her bluff, exposed her lie of a third video, and that is where our story begins.

Since this day she has made ours .. but mostly my life a living hell. She has devoted a whole blog of her own to trashing me, my family and my family's friends.. she has even involved complete strangers who happen to have the surnames of Briley. What she couldn't find, she has simply made up.

Prior to Jan 2012 if you would have Googled my name you would have been hard pressed to find anything about me except for maybe a book review I’d done on Amazon. Now? There are pages upon pages of lies .. hateful lies started by Brianne Chantal in her methodical efforts to exact some sort of twisted revenge for confronting her on her lies to us.

When I started to tell my story it opened my eyes to a (cyber) world I never really knew existed, a world where like finds like. Where crazy stalkers find other crazy stalkers who are more than willing to take up each others causes.
Writing this blog has opened me up to a lot of these bandwagon jumpers, but it has also opened my eyes to what is a little understood and even less prosecuted crime .. online stalking and defamation

I tried taking the high road, I tried ignoring this, her venom filled lies just continued.. then she decided to bring our children as well as their friends and friends families, neighbors, employers and anyone with the last name Briley into it.  It was then I knew that if I wanted to take down this hairy beasted internet stalker, I had to get down and dirty.. only difference being is I will not have to make things up about her. Google search her name in any of the above combinations.. her history speaks for itself, as does those who are just like her.

If calling out these stalkers and trolls means getting down and dirty.. Ive got pretty broad shoulders and my hip waders on.
They can not be allowed to perpetrate their crimes and not expect to be called out on them.
So without further adieu, welcome to down and dirty.

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Cool site - didn't know it existed. Keep up the good work. LR.