Friday, May 2, 2014

Why Brianne Chantal Patterson's Threats Are Empty And Pathetic

There are many consistencies when it comes to Brianne Chantal Patterson. She lies, steals, grifts then when she is caught or cornered she threatens in an attempt to silence those who reveal the truth about her. 

One of her favorite things to threaten with are "the authorities" she does this under her own name as well as under her alt names. Recently she tried quite unsuccessfully to intimidate me yet again using an alt name.

I can not tell you the number of times McScary has threatened me with lawsuits, cease and desist orders. She even got so desperate once for fame and attention she threatened me with Judge Judy! 
Brianne knows that she can no longer call the "authorities" in my area as they told her long ago to stop calling them about me. And she knows that seeing as how I am an American citizen the RCMP that she has on speed dial cant do a thing about me .. because well.. they have no power to do so, and they have told her as much. 
How does it feel Brianne to be stuck in  an endless loop of being powerless having only your empty threats and attempted intimidations to rely on?
How does it feel to know that no one and I do mean no one believes you? 


Anonymous said...

...and I would think they're just damn tired of having to deal with her. When they don't come running,she creates a twitter account to bash the RCMP.

No wonder she has no friends. She has no sense of loyalty except to herself.

Holly Briley said...

Can you imagine the fights over who at the RCMP has to answer when she calls??
She really shouldn't piss off the only people who are legally required to speak to her.