Friday, May 16, 2014

"Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet" - Brianne Chantal Patterson

Once upon a time there was a psychotic little troll with borderline personality disorder that lived in the deep dark shadows of its parents basement in the land of Canada. 

This nasty little troll went by many.. and I'm talking MANY names, but was most recognized by the names, Brianne Chantal or Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

Brianne Troll fancied herself a "gossip guru" and started one fail blog after the other trying desperately to achieve fame and recognition; something she wants more than anything, something she would throw her own mother under a bus for. On these blogs she would stalk, harass and defame celebrities, law enforcement, radio disc jockeys even television legal correspondents just to name a few. She would do the same thing to businesses whom she claimed gave her bad service or where she got her fat pretend pregnant ass stuck in a stall. Now, I know what youre thinking - How can you get bad service when you never leave the basement? The answer would be - you cant - but that is part of her grifty, trolly ways. But I digress. 

Brianne troll always gets caught in her own web of lies and when this happens, she simply deletes the post (or blog) and starts all over. 

Brianne troll's favorite catch phrase is "Don't believe everything you read on the internet" and will repeat it ad nauseam. 

When all else fails, she touts herself as a "bullying survivor" even going so far as to register herself as one on the blog Bullyville.  She had such a heart wrenching tale of whoa on there.. complete with her catch phrase in the title. If I didnt know her, I would almost have felt badly for the hairy little troll beast .. but I know her .. and for her my heart pumps ice water. 

The years go by and Brianne troll must have forgotten about writing about  how she was "emotionally abused and hurt" by people because she turned right around and shit on the very blog that gave her a voice .. albeit the voice was speaking lies .. but a voice .. when she tweeted the following: 

Now lest she decide to LIE and say this account is not hers .. she admits to it being hers on her personal twitter account .. along with admitting @Skytrainscanner is hers. Something she denied in the past. Again .. Brianne troll forgets all the lies and denials she has laid out over the years. 

She then went on to repeat the same sentiment on her @SkytrainScanner Twitter account,

And yes... it is her account as she so proudly exclaims in the bio. 

As always .. Brianne trolls words and actions caught up with her and she once again proved herself to be a bully .. not a survivor.  Not a survivor and no longer listed on Bullyville as one.  Big fat hairy troll lie story - All Gone. 

Thank You James and everyone at Bullyville for removing this fail trolls lies and attempts to portray herself as a victim. She is anything but a victim.

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Anonymous said...

All of her accounts, including her socks are about promoting her personal agenda to hurt people. It always comes back to her and how she's nothing but a victim. Her track record proves otherwise. It's in black and white and yet she blatantly lies and denies. It's insulting to anyone's intelligence.

She's convinced herself she can pull the tablecloth off the table with the china all in tact.

Brianne, you only fool yourself. You're so transparent when you think you're so clever. You really are your own worst enemy.