Thursday, May 15, 2014

Countering Brianne Chantal Patterson's False DMCA Claims

Brianne Chantal Patterson's new avatar for her @Celebitchings is not hers. She does not own it and she certainly did not copyright it ... though I suspect she will still try to claim this in one of her famous FALSE DMCA claims. 

In the event she does this, you can counter it with this bit on information. The original owner and the one who holds the true copyright can be found HERE.  

Her avatar 

 The original picture (which she so conveniently altered) which can be found HERE

  So, if you should find yourself on the receiving end of one of Brianne's FALSE DMCA claims.. you now have the proof she is lying and the ammunition to counter that FALSE claim. 

The same goes for her @SkyTrainScanner Twitter account.  The picture that appears on it (see below) is not Brianne's, but rather the legal and copyrighted property of Doug McKinlay and can be seen here  

Picture Courtesy of Doug McKinlay


Brianne Chantal Loves Her Some DMCA Claims 

Brianne Chantal Patterson: Once A Thief, Always A Thief 


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