Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patteson aka Celebitchings Commits Content Theft .. Again

It's pretty well established that Brianne Chantal steals others contents and falsely claims it as her own. 

Whether its fraudulent DMCA take down attempts or outright lies, nothing will stop Brianne. She simply does not care about committing theft or lying.

Yesterday was no exception. 

On her Twitter account she posted a series of DMs between herself and who I'm told was this account.  
*It should be noted here that a questionable 3rd  party told me who the parties in the DMs were and (this party) claims she shared them with them in a series of recent emails. This party also shared with me that Brianne was attempting to get this party's associates to "come after me and my family." Whatever that means. I have no way to confirm this.*

It is one thing to claim a copyright and slap a copyright symbol on something as Brianne has done,  it is a far other thing for this to be a proper legal copyright. 

The above is not a legal copyright, not so much for the copyright symbol on it, but more because of the fact this end of the DMs were not written by Brianne. Because of this the legal copyright belongs to the person that wrote them. As for the avatar Brianne uses on her Celebitchings account .. she can not claim copyright on that either as it legally belongs to the artist who created them as the appear on the blog, Natural Ever After. Brianne simply took the below picture from this website, cropped it and made it an avatar picture. 

Picture Courtesy of Natural Ever After blog. 

 Copyright Law 101:
Just because a picture is of you .. or you are the recipient of a letter, email, DM, PM, etc this does not legally make it yours. It is still the legal property of the person who made or wrote it. This is also who legally retains the copyright for it. 


Countering Brianne Chantal Patterson's False DMCA Claims 

Brianne Chantal Loves Her Some DMCA Claims 

About the time she claimed copyright on a death threat sent to me thus admitting she wrote it (and other things) BREAKING: Huge Pants Fire Erupts In Canada - Expected To Burn For Days, Neighborhoods Evacuated!

Brianne Chantal Patterson: Once A Thief, Always A Thief 

*I do not own operate this blog, but it deals extensively with Brianne's You Tube thefts*

Dirty Brianne Chantal Exposed


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Anonymous said...

It's no secret she has no respect for authority or honest, for that matter.

I wish she'd get help. Her obsessions with the net and celebrities and vendettas and lying.....I swear we'll read about it in the papers. Someone in her life MUST intervene. She's capable of doing harm to others. RCMP know her file all too well. What's it going to take? Another shooting?

God forbid.