Friday, May 2, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Mocks And Stigmatizes Mental Illness

Obviously Brianne lives by the rule "do as I say, not as I do" as evidenced by her latest tweet regarding Mariah Carey.

It wasnt long ago Brianne accused me of .. well .. you can see it for yourself in the below screen shot of a blog post she did on yours truly.. also note my family members names in the tags on her post. Further evidence that she stalks people's family members and seeks to ruin for no other purpose than to hurt her intended victim.

And talk like this coming from someone who claims to suffer from a mental illness herself? 

For shame Brianne. For shame. 


Anonymous said...

Oh no. Not THEEEEE bri bri who HATES hypocrites and is such a staunch supporter of mental illness. It's not like her to be such a two faced swine.

I'm a little disappointed.

If you're gonna be two faced, at least make one of them not as ugly as the other. It also makes it harder to decide which one to slap first. (exhibit A)
(exhibit B)
(exhibit C)
(exhibit D)
(exhibit E)..and yes, why do you do that locking and unlocking your account, shit britches?

..and what was that one tweet you put out about Holly and her face being beside the word 'hypocrite' in the dictionary?

Queue bri bri tantrum.

Tsk tsk tsk.

Holly Briley said...

Excellent and timely links. She no doubt locked up in order to delete the above tweet.
Tweet and Delete .. its what she does.

Anonymous said...

hi holly.

she tweeted these too. she says she's on seroquel because she's not handling her post op surgery. she wouldn't be on twitter. seroquel is used for very serious bi polar, personality disorders (schizophrenia), severe depression with high levels of anxiety. it's also used for ner. they might give her ativan, but she wouldn't be complaining of no sleep!

i'm being treated for severe depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. I was on seroquel. it makes you feel foggy, lethargic. i took myself off of it because i was always zoned out, and i'm already on a high level of various meds. i find this seroquel impossible or reckless if the dr. gave it to her for issues dealing with surgery. none of it makes sense.

Brianne @briannechantal • 15h
@karennnyo SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. I need it tho. My GP had to put me on Seroquel because I'm not handling my post-op recovery well AT all.

Brianne @briannechantal • 12h
@heythereamberrr Haven't slept in 48 hours, probably won't sleep anytime soon.

Brianne @briannechantal • 12h
Can't sleep. 3:25 AM snack. #popcorntwists

Brianne @briannechantal • 13h
@heythereamberrr So pretty! I haven't even slept yet.

Brianne @briannechantal • 15h
@karennnyo HAHA! It's used for anxiety/depression/sleep problems. I just started it tonight for the former and the latter. And thank you! <3
no WAY she's on seroquel. she'd be sleeping, no problem. she certainly wouldn't be on twitter 24/7, either.