Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patteson aka Celebitchings Commits Content Theft .. Again

It's pretty well established that Brianne Chantal steals others contents and falsely claims it as her own. 

Whether its fraudulent DMCA take down attempts or outright lies, nothing will stop Brianne. She simply does not care about committing theft or lying.

Yesterday was no exception. 

On her Twitter account she posted a series of DMs between herself and who I'm told was this account.  
*It should be noted here that a questionable 3rd  party told me who the parties in the DMs were and (this party) claims she shared them with them in a series of recent emails. This party also shared with me that Brianne was attempting to get this party's associates to "come after me and my family." Whatever that means. I have no way to confirm this.*

It is one thing to claim a copyright and slap a copyright symbol on something as Brianne has done,  it is a far other thing for this to be a proper legal copyright. 

The above is not a legal copyright, not so much for the copyright symbol on it, but more because of the fact this end of the DMs were not written by Brianne. Because of this the legal copyright belongs to the person that wrote them. As for the avatar Brianne uses on her Celebitchings account .. she can not claim copyright on that either as it legally belongs to the artist who created them as the appear on the blog, Natural Ever After. Brianne simply took the below picture from this website, cropped it and made it an avatar picture. 

Picture Courtesy of Natural Ever After blog. 

 Copyright Law 101:
Just because a picture is of you .. or you are the recipient of a letter, email, DM, PM, etc this does not legally make it yours. It is still the legal property of the person who made or wrote it. This is also who legally retains the copyright for it. 


Countering Brianne Chantal Patterson's False DMCA Claims 

Brianne Chantal Loves Her Some DMCA Claims 

About the time she claimed copyright on a death threat sent to me thus admitting she wrote it (and other things) BREAKING: Huge Pants Fire Erupts In Canada - Expected To Burn For Days, Neighborhoods Evacuated!

Brianne Chantal Patterson: Once A Thief, Always A Thief 

*I do not own operate this blog, but it deals extensively with Brianne's You Tube thefts*

Dirty Brianne Chantal Exposed


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BREAKING: Legal Action Being Taken Against Brianne Chantal Patterson?

Sometimes a comment comes along so good it deserves a post all its own. Such a comment was left this morning on a previous article.

For your convenience, Ive live linked the above (links) below. The articles are well worth the read.

It should be noted that the above links had been removed when a FALSE DMCA report was filed by Brianne. The fact that they were put back up shows the FALSE DMCA claims filed by McScary were indeed found to be FALSE. 

Maybe someone should remind Brianne that filing a fraudulent DMCA claim is illegal and punishable. Naw ... let's just let her find that on her own.


Brianne Chantal Loves Her Some DMCA Claims 

Brianne Chantal Patterson: Once A Thief, Always A Thief 


Friday, May 16, 2014

"Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet" - Brianne Chantal Patterson

Once upon a time there was a psychotic little troll with borderline personality disorder that lived in the deep dark shadows of its parents basement in the land of Canada. 

This nasty little troll went by many.. and I'm talking MANY names, but was most recognized by the names, Brianne Chantal or Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

Brianne Troll fancied herself a "gossip guru" and started one fail blog after the other trying desperately to achieve fame and recognition; something she wants more than anything, something she would throw her own mother under a bus for. On these blogs she would stalk, harass and defame celebrities, law enforcement, radio disc jockeys even television legal correspondents just to name a few. She would do the same thing to businesses whom she claimed gave her bad service or where she got her fat pretend pregnant ass stuck in a stall. Now, I know what youre thinking - How can you get bad service when you never leave the basement? The answer would be - you cant - but that is part of her grifty, trolly ways. But I digress. 

Brianne troll always gets caught in her own web of lies and when this happens, she simply deletes the post (or blog) and starts all over. 

Brianne troll's favorite catch phrase is "Don't believe everything you read on the internet" and will repeat it ad nauseam. 

When all else fails, she touts herself as a "bullying survivor" even going so far as to register herself as one on the blog Bullyville.  She had such a heart wrenching tale of whoa on there.. complete with her catch phrase in the title. If I didnt know her, I would almost have felt badly for the hairy little troll beast .. but I know her .. and for her my heart pumps ice water. 

The years go by and Brianne troll must have forgotten about writing about  how she was "emotionally abused and hurt" by people because she turned right around and shit on the very blog that gave her a voice .. albeit the voice was speaking lies .. but a voice .. when she tweeted the following: 

Now lest she decide to LIE and say this account is not hers .. she admits to it being hers on her personal twitter account .. along with admitting @Skytrainscanner is hers. Something she denied in the past. Again .. Brianne troll forgets all the lies and denials she has laid out over the years. 

She then went on to repeat the same sentiment on her @SkytrainScanner Twitter account,

And yes... it is her account as she so proudly exclaims in the bio. 

As always .. Brianne trolls words and actions caught up with her and she once again proved herself to be a bully .. not a survivor.  Not a survivor and no longer listed on Bullyville as one.  Big fat hairy troll lie story - All Gone. 

Thank You James and everyone at Bullyville for removing this fail trolls lies and attempts to portray herself as a victim. She is anything but a victim.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Countering Brianne Chantal Patterson's False DMCA Claims

Brianne Chantal Patterson's new avatar for her @Celebitchings is not hers. She does not own it and she certainly did not copyright it ... though I suspect she will still try to claim this in one of her famous FALSE DMCA claims. 

In the event she does this, you can counter it with this bit on information. The original owner and the one who holds the true copyright can be found HERE.  

Her avatar 

 The original picture (which she so conveniently altered) which can be found HERE

  So, if you should find yourself on the receiving end of one of Brianne's FALSE DMCA claims.. you now have the proof she is lying and the ammunition to counter that FALSE claim. 

The same goes for her @SkyTrainScanner Twitter account.  The picture that appears on it (see below) is not Brianne's, but rather the legal and copyrighted property of Doug McKinlay and can be seen here  

Picture Courtesy of Doug McKinlay


Brianne Chantal Loves Her Some DMCA Claims 

Brianne Chantal Patterson: Once A Thief, Always A Thief 


Brianne Chantal Patterson Continues To Deceive - The RCMP May Find This Useful


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mable Aint Stable - And By "Mable" I Mean Brianne Chantal Patterson

It appears that Brianne is systematically making her way through all of the CNN correspondents aiming hate filled tirades at them. 

First it was Sunny Hostin: 

Then tonight she threatened violence towards Don Lemon!

 It's one thing to disagree with people .. but its a far other thing to behave in the way Brianne does. But then again; what more could we expect from this basement dwelling, psycho stalker from hell we've come to know as Brianne Chantal Patterson?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Mocks And Stigmatizes Mental Illness

Obviously Brianne lives by the rule "do as I say, not as I do" as evidenced by her latest tweet regarding Mariah Carey.

It wasnt long ago Brianne accused me of .. well .. you can see it for yourself in the below screen shot of a blog post she did on yours truly.. also note my family members names in the tags on her post. Further evidence that she stalks people's family members and seeks to ruin for no other purpose than to hurt her intended victim.

And talk like this coming from someone who claims to suffer from a mental illness herself? 

For shame Brianne. For shame. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson - Caught On Tape

Video courtesy of m.Lam/You Tube 

Why Brianne Chantal Patterson's Threats Are Empty And Pathetic

There are many consistencies when it comes to Brianne Chantal Patterson. She lies, steals, grifts then when she is caught or cornered she threatens in an attempt to silence those who reveal the truth about her. 

One of her favorite things to threaten with are "the authorities" she does this under her own name as well as under her alt names. Recently she tried quite unsuccessfully to intimidate me yet again using an alt name.

I can not tell you the number of times McScary has threatened me with lawsuits, cease and desist orders. She even got so desperate once for fame and attention she threatened me with Judge Judy! 
Brianne knows that she can no longer call the "authorities" in my area as they told her long ago to stop calling them about me. And she knows that seeing as how I am an American citizen the RCMP that she has on speed dial cant do a thing about me .. because well.. they have no power to do so, and they have told her as much. 
How does it feel Brianne to be stuck in  an endless loop of being powerless having only your empty threats and attempted intimidations to rely on?
How does it feel to know that no one and I do mean no one believes you? 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meet "AnonymousBees" aka Brianne Chantal Patterson

Fresh from the alt vault, Brianne's newest baby egg. 
Born on the same day it started tweeting: 

And then in true Brianne 'Hairy McScary' Chantal Patterson fashion - she tweets and then deletes. 

So, There you Brianne ... I "blogged it"