Monday, April 21, 2014

More of Brianne Chantal Patterson's Lies Debunked

In a message posted to me on her blog, Brianne Chantal Patterson made a comment (back to herself) in which she not only eludes to the fact that FBI telling her they have "quite a file" on me, but she also tried to implicate Diane Diamond in her lies by saying she told her that I was a "dangerous individual." 

You can read the blog post by clicking HERE (you may have to click twice to enlarge enough to read), updated 4/22/14.  I wont post it because frankly it contains many of her already debunked lies and twists to the truth on her part. Oh how she loves to twists those facts to suit her needs.The comment in question is below: 

On Twitter later that evening Diane Diamond responded to this lie Brianne told. Responded and debunked it. 

This debunking did not set well with Brianne as she quickly birthed a new alt account and proceeded to (try) to harass myself and Diane... even going to far as to challenge her to a  polygraph test! While she has since deleted the tweets associated with this account, they still exist in screen shots below. 

As to the FBI and their file on me. . . it wouldn't surprise me as I did quite a lot of extensive coverage on the Steubenville rape case. .. but seeing as how Ive recently passed an FBI/BCI background check for pre-employment, I'm pretty certain the "extensive" file is nothing at all. Another Brianne Chantal Patterson lie - Debunked!


Anonymous said...

I saw this go down on Twitter and saw the tweets she did on that other account before she deleted them. I was really hoping you got them and I see you did. Good job busting this liar at every turn.

Jessie said...

Ditto. I witnessed the bs as the new egg was laid (classic Patterson) and read the tweets in real time, before deletion. Saw it and threw a WTF? Does it not get old, ever?