Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Continue To BeThe Targets Of Infamous Cyber-Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

Looks like Brianne Chantal Patterson has squatted and laid yet another Twitter egg alt account especially aimed at tormenting and stalking Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock. 

This time she is pretending to be "warning" them of the dangers of .. well .. herself. 

The name on the account is "Johnny" @applejohn6688  . While the tweets aimed at Brandon have been deleted by Brianne (tweet and delete is her favorite game) they still exist is screenshots. 

And notice who this account is following? This is typical McScary tactics... targeting not only her intended victim but their family and close friends. 

Brianne is pure evil. She doesnt care that Kelly is pregnant and does not need any further stress in her life.. she doesnt care whose lives she destroys .. the only thing she cares about is her own agenda. Her own evil, retaliatory agenda.


Anonymous said...

As many had witnessed, she laid many eggs in the past few days. Screen shots complete with threats from the yeti.

Let's make it clear, folks. Bri Bri is no victim. She victimizes.

Can't wait to see how Narvel Blackstock responds to messages sent to him complete with screen shots of her history of cyber stalking and harassing Kelly Clarkson. Lots of culpable proof.

Brianne, better get in touch with the authorities as we speak. LOL

Anonymous said...

celebitching? if that's true she's dismantled that blog too.

Holly Briley said...

Her Celebitchings twitter account is still up. No blog attached (for now) she uses it, like her Skytrain Scanner account, to re tweet and promote her blog.
There is a Twitter account called Celebitching.. but hers is plural.. Celebitchings. Though tbh, they probably both belong to her.