Monday, April 28, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson: Once A Thief, Always A Thief

Brianne recently changed one of her many Twitter sock accounts, The Gossiping Pens to CELEBITCHINGS. In doing so she used the copyrighted artwork of Todd Goldman as her avatar.

While it is true that many people use clipart and images from the internet for such purposes... none of them ... except Hairy McScary claim them as their own .. or file false DMCA takedowns for intellectual  property theft  on people who may screencap and or re-post them. 

So, If you find yourself on the receiving end of one of Hairy McScary's false DMCA claims for this.. the Todd Goldman link above may be able to help you. 


Brianne Chantal Loves Her Some DMCA Claims

While We're On The Subject Of Brianne's Scams - 

Speaking Of Hypocrisy - Brianne Chantal Patterson Tweets About DMCA 


Brianne Chantal Patterson - Why Are You So Afraid Of A Re-Tweet?


Brianne Chantal Sings - It's Fun To Call The RCMP 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Another twit account? Inconceivable!

How's that working for ya shit britches? It's called WISDOM. Learning from your mistakes and bettering yourself. Now cyberstalking and ex follower b/c she saw who you truly are. How can you not get how sick and twisted that is?

Leave her alone and quit offering your number 'to text (only way to get a date???), so you can steal someone else's number to use for filing false DMCA claims. Glad the dude figured you out before he gave out the number. You're too weird for him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Holly. Hope you have the link. It seems she's taken her account down, again.

Anonymous said...

She trolling the webz like a chicken with its head cut off. LOL. is now her classic egg account with all tweets deleted. That was fast!

Holly Briley said...

Yes.. I have the links. And never fear, she'll bring it back up .. if she hasn't already. She and her socks are like the Herpes of the internet.. you cant ever really get rid of them.
She probably has to delete some tweets and do some damage control.

Holly Briley said...

I think celebitching may be a backup account or just another alt .. the one who is using copyrighted art is CELEBITCHINGS But then again .. we're dealing with McScary so .. lol