Friday, April 18, 2014

Ben Briley of American Idol Newest Victim Of Notorious Cyberstalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

As posted on her blog, Brianne Chantal Patterson libels Ben Briley of American Idol simply because he and I share the same last name. Yet another example of her depravity. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what's causing her to lose followers on twitter (no, she's not unfollowing people..that number hasn't changed).

Her twitter followers are dwindling faster than a bottle of vicodin in Lindsay Lohan's purse.

Just 3 weeks ago, she had 211. It went down to 207....204...200.

It precariously rests at 195. AKA Brianne Chantal, whatever she engages in, is becoming terribly irrelevant, insignificant and just too much for all the rest of us, who have enough crap on our plates.

AKA Brianne you feel that pain in your ass? It's not tax pain. It's a fork. You're done (to be 'brutally gave yourself way too much credit to begin with).

Now, let's move on along and put this side show act where it the ditch.

Holly Briley said...

She just couldnt make her Ben Briley lie fly.. but she sure did try.
The only famous (if you will) person in my family is my Uncle Bob.. as in Evans and since he's long dead I doubt he'll ever be on American Idol.
McScary has lost any shred of relevancy she ever had when I debunked all of her Casey Anthony lies about us, but bless her heart..she keeps trying.