Friday, April 18, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Enjoys Strange Murder Fantasies

Surely there is a name for someone like Brianne Chantal Patterson who entertains and seemingly enjoys fantasies of murder and/or being murdered,or victimized in general as this is a recurring theme with her.

While I don't know the proper psychological term for it .. I'll just call it NUTS! 

This little gem was tweeted by Brianne this morning."A hit" Who talks like that?? LMAO! McScary, you've been watching too many mobster movies again. A hit. LOL LOL LOL 


Anonymous said...

A hit? Nah.

Wacked or iced maybe. HA HA HA!

Her obsession with murder and death threats is amusing. Does she know people laugh AT her; not WITH her?

Brianne was GREAT as Torch in Girl Interrupted. Acting skills paid off a little.

Jessie said...


Someone has a murder and cadaver fetish. Could it BE more strange?

A good friend will help you move; a true friend will help you move the bodies.

Seriously. When you can't draw the line between a facetiousness remark from a candid, genuine threat, you're probably paranoid.

Most people have the ability to put it into perspective by drawing content from the message. It may not always be funny to some, but surely, a reasonable person knows when to be concerned and when to chillax, when it comes to such statements.

You are the only person who's victimized YOU, Brianne Chantal. The rest is getting what you served.

Ta da!

Holly Briley said...

Granted I have a very dark sense of humor, but I thought (the clearly labeled PARODY) video was hilarious... and lets face it.. only a total dumb ass, freak with an axe to grind would come to the conclusion McScary did. I imagine if anyone else would have posted it she would have laughed those caterpillar eyebrows of hers off!

Jessie said...

True true...and trying to persuade everyone she's of some importance because someone wants to (can't say it without LMAO) put a hit on her, is such a desperate attempt for much needed attention.

Get off twitter. Go into the witness protection program. Do everything a sane person would do if they were genuinely stalked and in fear of losing their life. Don't shout it out from the mountain tops.....'I'M OVER HERE!!!'

You should change your twitter name to Hitman Holly. That will get her pantyhose in a real bunch.

The things people do in a basement, all by themselves.

Bet she's never had an orgasm.