Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Challenges Respected Journalist Diane Dimond To A Polygraph Test

In a follow up to yesterday's post Brianne Chantal Patterson is now openly if not subtlety calling respected, journalist Diane Dimond a liar, she is simultaneously proving it was indeed her behind the Twitter alt account @briannechantal5 by issuing the same challenge this alt account did in her "updated" comment. 

 Diane once wrote a book titled Be Careful Who You Love. Brianne should probably be careful who she trolls. 

Brianne never fails to (try and) twist a lie story to suit her own needs.
I did not "question" Diane about this .. I made a tweet to someone else about it following up on a joke from earlier in the day. Diane Dimond questioned me about it and I was more than happy to tell her.



Anonymous said...

I'm gonna add some food for thought...in point form.

1. AKA Brianne, how about you take a poly? What's good for the goose.. You have nothing to hide, right?

2. Brutally opinionated blogger? Let's not confuse that with brutally honest, brutally truthful, brutally forthright or anything related to being brutally factual, realistic or believable.

3. A link to PROVE aka Brianne Chantal was 'birthing new TWIT accts as far back as 2010 (read comments...even when present with truth and sensibility, she continues to be confrontational, rebellious, and just plain wack):

http://tinyurl.com/la6fbmd (http://www.idolator.com/)


Anonymous said...

Part. 2

These comments expose the real AKA Brianne Chantal and her inability to process reason or logic. She has a set of standards for herself and another for the world. This is how she continues to do what she does. It's NOT NORMAL, mature, or healthy.

For the record, I've never met Holly. I've never met AKA Brianne Chantal (she doesn't even want to associate herself with her real name). I'm a Canadian resident; not a made up personality in Holly's head. That would be the conceptions of AKA Brianne Chantal. "What mind cannot conceive where it's never been". AKA BC has been commenting as alt personalities on her own blogs and twits for years. Of course she would through this back at Holly. It's second nature...and again, lends insight into AKA BC's pysche, mental state and inability to be rational.

Anonymous said...

LASTLY....celebrity gossip guru = stalker, capable of harassment and concocting non existent details into a blog, she'll claim is from sources. She has not respect for the law, the truth...or unsuspecting people she pulls into her stories. Really, who in their right mind would comment to a no name blogger on matters of the heart? Ben Briley, Kelly Clarkson, Brandon Blackstock, Peter Facinelli, Ryan Paevey and many other soap opera, tv/movie and music celebrities have been unwillingly victimized and pulled into her self created drama.

KCE. Kelly Clarkson Express. A fan site, that AKA Brianne Chantal unleashed her instability and obsessive compulsive stalking tantrums. Again, this started before Holly Briley came along. It sucks to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when it comes to this chaos which is AKA Brianne Chantal.

I'll let the comments, posts and responses speak for themselves.


Short but sweet...and revealing.

She was called a troll and a KC stalker before this blog went up. What's the problem? It's the truth?

Don't try to figure AKA Brianne Chantal out. My guess is that she doesn't understand herself, either.

Holly Briley said...

Excellent links ... I will be adding them to the "Who Is Brianne Chantal" section of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Ack! It should read...a mind cannot conceive where it's never been.

My brain doesn't even want to go 'there'. :P