Friday, April 18, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Accuses Twitter Of Breaching Their Own Privacy Policy

Normally I would not provide a link to Brianne's blog, but this is an exception. 

In this post titled Holly Briley lies, lies and lies some more Brianne claims that Twitter breached their own privacy policy by giving her " pertinent information" " confirming that it was, in fact, Holly Briley who created the Twitter accounts, as they are connected to her IP address."

If you dont want to go to her blog ... and who could blame you .. below is a screen shot of the entire post as it appears today, complete with the url attached. 

You can read about the Twitter accounts she is referring to by clicking HERE

Needless to say Twitter did not give her any such information about my IP being associated with these accounts .. not only because my IP isnt associated with these accounts, but because it would open up a whole can of legal worms for them. 

This is just another lie told by the biggest one of them all, Brianne Chantal Patterson. 


1 comment:

Whoa Nelly said...

She rests her case? What did she prove again...without facts? When BC says.....'(insert name) confirmed', she expects her reader (her mom) to buy her story without facts, proof or evidence.

OOOOHHHH...if you say so, Brianne, then it's just gotta be true.

Brianne, you're so busy trying to fit in, it's almost laughable if it wasn't so pathetic, creepy and perturbing. #takeyourmeds