Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Call To Arms For All Kelly Clarkson Fans #Krandon

If youre on Twitter, this is a call to arms for every Kelly Clarkson fan to spamblock and report Brianne Chantal Patterson's new sock accounts specifically created to harass Kelly and her husband. 

The account is @JustineFromOk. 

 While the account has tweeted and deleted I (and those who have emailed me) have managed to get screen shots of its activity. They are listed below in no particular order. 

Then Brianne created a fake blogspot blog bearing Brandon's name supposedly written by "Justine." Just another demented way in which Brianne can torment a pregnant Kelly Clarkson and Brandon. 

But Brianne didn't stop here.. she created TWO more Twitter sock accounts specifically designed to promote her agenda of harassment. One, now suspended was called @westyy777

Even more advertising of the blog from "Westy"

Then enter "ajcook9876."
Same tone of post as Westy .. even the same Twitlonger. Screenshots below:

No one deserves this kind of harassment, especially when pregnant, No one. 

I am asking everyone reading this to spamblock and report these Twitter accounts and to share this with everyone you know.

Now well go on countdown until Brianne blames me for the above accounts, much like she did with the Prayers For Tilly Facebook page and Twiter account, despite the fact it was proven she was the one behind them. 

UPDATE 4/3/2014 6:17pm:

 Account ajcook - suspended.  

 UPDATE 4/3/14 9:04 pm:

"Justine"has now scrubbed her account of tweets and bio.


Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Continues To Be Targets Of Infamous Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson 


Kelly Clarkson Latest Victim Of Notorious Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson


Kelly Clarkson Continues To Be Victim Of Retaliatory Cyber-terrorist And Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson



Jessie said...

She's gone too far.

Holly...this is true people's advocate. Great work, as always (connecting the dots and backing your information).

I bet she wished she never messed with you. xo

Holly Briley said...

Thanks. Its not hard to spot her bullshit. As we speak, she is (trying to) play games with me on another matter. Its one she wont win..but I let her play. Me and the internet seems to be all she's got.

Anonymous said...

It is all she's got. She's unemployable and she does mooch from her parents.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what someone like her did before the internet? Someone should take the net away from her and film her turning into a blob of slime and hair right before our very eyes! Like the Wicked Witch being doused with water.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Holly. I've been reading, but not commenting much. Been awhile.

Hmm... Back on December 10 when she said being pregnant made her less tolerant of people, I have to wonder if she had convinced herself she was having Brandon's child? She is unstable enough to do something like that, it seems.

Sounds like she's become a full time job for you. I bet the pay is terrible. Haha

Stay strong.