Friday, March 14, 2014

Well This Explains A Lot - Urban DecrayCray

There is a handy dandy little app called Perfect365 that allows the user to instantly smooth skin, excise zits, highlight eyes and even resize noses before sending their image out on the Internet.

This could explain why Brianne Chantal Patterson latest selfies have her looking like a  spokemodel for a start up make up line called Urban De-CrayCray. 

Oh Brianne.. please remember .. when retouching the nose, the MJ look is out and when applying make-up (real or otherwise) less is always more. 




Then there is this one: 

Brianne . . . if you used the paid version this app, you may want to get your money back. 

No amount of touch-ups can covet your particular brand of evil cray cray...Just saying.  


As posted by Brianne Chantal Patterson today. Un-retouched photo of above .. real nose... real face. Still really scary.



Anonymous said...

BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! I knew those photos were doctored to the max.

So this is he idea of make up artistry college? Fine if you use it, but most use it for 'minimal' enhancement.

This looks like she's applying for a circus clown.

Holly Briley said...

My first thought when seeing the latest was - What in the Max Factor Hell is THAT?! Then I crossed myself and said a prayer.. just in case .. LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

ACK!!! That original photo next to the photoshopped one is scary. Wow! I'm gonna have nightmares.

Jess said...

LMAO....max factor hell, indeed! You should write slogans for ad agencies, Holly.

Holly Briley said...

Ha Ha ... my slogans would probably only be able to be played late night and on cable :)

Anonymous said...

Actually....she just used 'less'. I see eyeliner, light blush and lip color touch up. Skin is usually blotchy...but not in this photo. She used the less is more concept. It's still an APP job...LOL!