Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stalking Oneself For Relevancy

In another lame attempt to garner readers for her "successful site" that she "couldn't be more proud of" and as a way to torment a pregnant Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, Brianne Chantal Patterson has taken to Twitter to stalk and harass herself. 

This time it is under the name of GP Lies 

The desperation never ends with this one. But then again, if I had the cray cray like Brianne and owned a dot com with, according to Alexa, had a global ranking of 4,791,287 I might be .... oh hell who am I kidding.. . NO ONE could be as desperate for fame and relevancy as Brianne Chantal Patterson. Her past and present behavior proves that.

Once a famewhoring, pathological lying McScary always a famewhoring, pathological lying McScary.

Right Brianne? 


Anonymous said...

This girl is a Grade A lunatic! I swear she gets off on being a victim. Someone lock her up and throw away the key already.

Anonymous said...

The whole acct. has been changed by Brianne. All those tweets deleted, now making up new claims against Brandon. She is batshit crazy!

Holly Briley said...

Ive noticed that as well. Its her M.O.. Nothing but a McScary rinse and repeat. Of course *she* thinks no one is onto her ways.

Anonymous said...

Poor Brandon. I knew she'd turn on him. Well, she did when she put him on She is loyal to no one but herself. Every person on her twit list will be turned against by shitanne. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that account is suspended...LOL. She's pushing it with the Blackstock's. Not a family I'd mess with. :P

Holly Briley said...

She'll undoubtedly make a new one .. good thing screen shots exist of the old one.