Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stalker And Former Mental Patient, Brianne Chantal Patterson Targets My Daughter.. Again

In what can only be described as a desperate move to shut me up cyber-stalker and bully Brianne Chantal Patterson has decided to once again target my daughter on her blog by telling lies about her and trying to get others to harass her as well.  

In the same blog she threatens (for the umpteenth time) that I am getting served legal papers for "libel and slander." To that I say:


Let's do this .. because I'm pretty sure accusing someone of murder, helping to disappear a child and/or covering it up .. as you have done to me... could be considered "libel and slander." Not to mention all of the other things you have accused me or my family of and the things you have done to us these past couple years. 

Pretty sure that could all be considered "libel and slander."

And dont forget, youve done it to our friends, children's friends and their families ... and you know I have screen shots and they (as well as many others) have or are prepared to give testimony and sworn statements to support this. 

So ... bring it Brianne Chantal Patterson ... because you know I CAN .. and I WILL prove what Im saying to be true. 

Serve me. I'm waiting.

UPDATE:  Brianne has now taken to her blog and scrubbed it clean of my daughter's name and completely denied ever using it. Too little ... too late. This also does not take away from the fact that she has used it on many other places on the net, places in which she can not remove it, or her IP tracks so easily.
Keep going down that river of denial Brianne, the water just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

UPDATE 3/14/2014: In usual Brianne Chantal Patteson style, despite her claims of NOT naming my daughter, she went back into the above blog post and tagged my daughter's name in the tags. Her full name. Now how WOULD McScary know this, unless the had been stalkieng her as well? Ive pixellated most of her name, but retain the original should I ever need to produce it. What? You thought I wouldn't find out Brianne?


Genni said...

If you need them Holly Ive also got screen shots of this post your talking about as well as other blogs and sights where she has used your daughters name on. Also got the Twitter accounts of hers where she did that too.

Genni said...

I just sent them to you any way Holly along with my name, and contact information. I will do a statement for you too just tell me how.

Holly Briley said...

Thanks Genni for the screenshots - I just got them in my email... and for your offer to give a sworn statement. Appreciate it all so much - Holly

Anonymous said...

Had you ever even heard of this unhinged person before the Casey Anthony video debacle? I hadn't. She's really making a name for herself with her pathological lies.

Wonder who she was stalking prior to you? Well.... other than Kelly Clarkson. I'd LOVE to know what her parents think of her and her antics, if she even has any parents.

WTH is her obsession with you? This is insane.

Holly Briley said...

I can honestly say I never knew she existed prior to the Casey Anthony video thing when she attached herself to me/us. Because my husband did a little Google search on her and found out her history and told her to get lost she decided we must pay. She only attaches herself to people or events she thinks may make her famous.
You can read all about her and her past under tabs at top of the page named "Why am I doing this" and "Who is Brianne Chantal Patterson."
She is one sick little girl and from what Ive been told (and always suspected) her parents know about her, but steer as clear of her temper as they can.

PeskyVarmt said...

Miss Holly, please pass this along to that, um, Patterson creature for me?


Holly Briley said...

Consider it passed Lady P. :)

Anonymous said...

I know Brianne has said many times that she was hospitalized for depression, but as someone who has known her family and her for many years I can tell you this is simply not the case. Yes, she was placed in a mental hospital but for pulling a knife on her mother in a fit of uncontrollable rage. This was not the first time she threatened her. She was diagnosed at the time with anger issues as well as anti social and borderline personality disorder. This occurred when she was a minor. Since she has reached legal age she refuses to take her medications and continues to be a burden on her family. Ive watched her poor mother and father sicken themselves with worry about her. Her mother is afraid of her. Holly I'm sure you understand why I'm signing this anonymously. You're right when you say she is dangerous. She is and because I'm still friends with her mother I don't want Brianne knowing who I am. She was banned from my family home long ago but if she became enraged I know that would not stop her.

Holly Briley said...

Anonymous.. I completely understand. Ive said more than once Im very glad Brianne lives thousands of miles away from me because Im quite sure she'd be wearing me a skin suit by now.