Thursday, March 20, 2014

Romeo...Romeo - Brianne Chantal Patterson Is No Juliet

According to Brianne Chantal Patterson's Twitter bio she's an "entertainment contributor" for Bad Boy Broadcast.  I'm still not sure how three stories is really contributing, seems most of what she does for them is use their name to (try) to intimidate people (mainly me) .. . but I digress.

Yesterday a Tweeter reminded me and warned Romeo of Bad Boy Broadcast just how Brianne treats those who have given her a chance to write for them. I think its worth mentioning here as well .. you know .. for posterity and all. 

 The blog, Porky's Justice, linked above can be found HERE. Not only did Brianne go on an all out rant about this DJ, she bragged about getting him fired. 

This isn't the first time Brianne has done something like this to someone who has given her a chance. Just ask Christopher Koulouris, the owner of Scallywag & Vagabond.  Brianne once wrote for him as well. When it ended, she went on to do what she always does: file multiple false DMCA claims against him, register him on Ripoff Report and The Dirty.. all falsely .. but its her "go to" actions. You can read about it HERE .. then follow the links provided.

Not only did she do all of this ( and more) she took to her Twitter account to brag about it. 

Then there is RadioNewz Blog, Brianne once wrote for Radio as well..and when it ended, Brianne did to Radio just what she did to Chris and countless others. Her harassing Radio's blog host became so bad that the host basically told Radio to take her blog offshore where Brianne couldnt touch it as easily as if it were on shore. You can read about that HERE.  

But dont take just my word for it . . . ask Chris or Radio, Im sure they would be more than happy to tell you about the miserable experiences they had simply because they gave Brianne a chance to get out of the latrine and become a legitimate blogger.

Then. . . 

If you still want to take a chance on her, be warned... she is a ruthless liar when she leaves and will go to extreme lengths to try to take you down when its over. 


JG said...

Have you seen this?
That job at Vancouver Aquarium she lists was a volunteer position that she got fired from less than 2 months in. She couldn't get along with others and started her antics among the staff there. Imagine that? She told me a far different story though when we talked about it. Told me she was sexually harassed and left and they were telling lies about her. I later found out the truth. Have to wonder why she keeps this on her account doesn't it?

Holly Briley said...

Thanks for the link. I do remember the Vancouver Aquarium as being listed as volunteer position on her old l'in account. It does beg the question why she would lie about it now.. oh wait.. Its Brianne!! LOL.
Everyone knows she has no time to do anything but grift Starbucks and McDonalds during the day.. Twitter and all of her 234895475483445864756 sock accounts take up all of her time Bwwwaaahhhhaaa!

Jess said...

Getting 'fired' from a volunteer position?! That speaks volumes.

Sexually the fish?

In all seriousness, the person who got fired is the victim and the radio station needs to know about Candace Anne Patterson's history of sabotaging livelihoods. I'm happy to be a reference for this unfortunate soul who crossed paths with the incubus.

Holly Briley said...

She was probably the one doing the harassing. ,, and yeah, I'm sure the radio station knows all about her by now.

Anonymous said...

That DJ and others who she has harassed and gotten fired should sue her for slander/libel. Especially if her lies have prevented them from making a living either by being fired or not getting work after her lies started. I'm surprised she hasn't been sued yet. They would need to give her a room in the local jail with all the lawsuits that would be rolling in against her. She wouldn't have time to leave the court house to go home with all the cases on the docket! LOL

Holly Briley said...

If youre talking about DJ1031 (0n Twitter) real name Donna Fosnight, she was never fired from a job, because she never had a job. She like Brianne revels in shit stirring and drama and lie Brianne lies like a rug. Others, including my daughter has had their jobs contacted - Brianne even went so far as to contact her university. Its sickening what Brianne will do and who she will use. She ruins lives and that is her intent. She gets off on it.
The law may never catch up to her... but Karma damn sure will.

Holly Briley said...

And now .. we can go on countdown until Brianne reads Ive mentioned DJ and she or one of her 298747867687 sock accounts tries to make contact with DJ about it. Just like "Skytrain" did w/ Murt. Bet you didnt know I knew that . .. did ya Brianne? And I DONT mean the tweet either

Anonymous said...

No, I meant that male dj she bragged about getting fired in that screenshot you posted. RyanFM or something like that.

Holly Briley said...

Aww okay .. gotcha Anonymous. Duh me for not figuring that one out .. LOL!!

Jessie said...

ann patterson has gone the 'firing' route with anyone who's called HER on her bullsh*t. One was a Starbuck's employee, who recognized a con artist when she saw one. Since Ann had no leverage, because she was faced with the truth, she went to the girl's employer and BRAGGED about getting her fired. This is the threat that CLEARLY INDICATES she wants to end ann's life (yes, I'm being facetious)...

@yasmin86 @CharlesRye1 LOL yeah. @briannechantal needs to get her ass beat. I don't mind doing it, dumb c*nt (tweet shitann calls a death threat from starbuck's employee)

Proof that shitann is a chicken shit. More proof that shitann LOVES to reserve the crap meant for her.... (tweet comment)

...and for good measure, I'm throwing this in because....LMDAO, she is a thief on so many levels...

Again, with the death threats. I wish I could give a hug to Aman. She said everything we've all been saying about Shitann.

The best is shitann's need to rebuttle the truth, with bs on a blog where no one can leave comments or stand up to her with the truth. She writes to convince herself she's the victim and is desperate to get everyone else to blame the victim card she throws around. she is so systematic and predictable (like her perpetual egg laying TWIT accounts...0 - 1 followers, a couple of tweets then it's never used again. WHY DO YOU HIDE BEHIND SO MANY VIRTUAL WALLS, YA QUACK?)

Lastly, google ann's name, go to images and you will be besieged with wedding dresses. The dreaming IS free, plain ol' ANN PATTERSON (not even ann with an 'e', a la Anne Shirley).

thanks Holly for allowing me to spout. It was so damn therapeutic. Invoice me for the space I took up..LOL.

God bless yer heart, lassie!

Anonymous said...

Off topic but....the lil weasle soliciting herself like a dimestore hooker:

Brianne Chantal
I’m so sick of people defending Woody Allen or being like, “Well there’s no proof of him molesting Dylan Farrow so he’s not guilty.” Or, “He was never found guilty. Innocent until proven guilty.” Well with that profound logic, I guess OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman are all swell people who never committed any of the crimes they were accused of either. I mean after all, they weren’t found guilty, right?

More at:

An advocate for people, she is not.

Found @

Holly Briley said...

The only thing Brianne advocates for is Brianne.