Wednesday, March 26, 2014

R,I,P Gossiping Pens

Seems our own Hairy McScary is once again lying her ass for attention "sick" and has decided to take her failed gossip blog, Gossping Pens and integrate it with her dot com blog. 

She took to her Twitter and blog to lament this and to beg for attention.

While none of us should hold our breaths that she wont make (yet another) miraculous recovery and open it back up . . for now we can all say 

Remember Brianne.. before you're shown pity or compassion, you have to show it to others, otherwise you get back what you give. 

Remember what you said about that Karma train? No? See HERE to refresh your memory. 

R.I. P. Gossiping Pens ( and by P .. we mean pieces) 


Anonymous said...


What difference does it make where she blogs from? It's all the same in the interim. 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other.

Health problems....pffft. No loss to anyone...and we all know another blahg will pop up, anyways.

Round and round and round she goes....

Holly Briley said...

It really doesnt make a difference.. one fail blog is just like the other. Of course to hear her tell it, it is "successful." LMAO!

And NO PITY here for her at all. Sick or not. Some people deserve it.. she is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she's re-vamping her bio on her twit account. AGAIN. (former NASA employee. former stand in for The Bachelor...LOL).

Holly Briley said...

LMAO!! Former EVERYTHING. Always a bridesmaid.. never a bride(except in her pretend postings on bridal boards) LOL