Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pity ...Party Of One

Looks like Brianne "Babycakes" Chantal Patterson is having a moment. 

It might not be appropriate of me to remind her and the world how she has shown sympathy to others in similar circumstances, but Ive never been known to be appropriate. 

Remember writing this little post Brianne after someone you once associated with experienced a personal loss? 

You know what Brianne; it really was pretty cruel of you to write such a thing.

Now, as you stand there wondering what those lights are in the distance, I'm happy to be the one to tell you its that Karma train. Its coming down the tracks and headed right for you. 

Choo Choo. 


Anonymous said...

Whatever the drama is, it's probably made up.

She resorts to this drama (remember the fake suicide @ gossip gypsy because of you?) when she's not in control of events.

Whatever brianne.

Holly Briley said...

Without a doubt its made up.. as is all of her other "tragedies" Cancers, pregnancies, beatdowns on the streets. The girl is a pathological attention seeking liar. I wouldnt believe her if she were standing in front of me smoking and claiming to be on fire.

Tina said...

She's pretending now that she's had another surgery seeking pity on Twitter tonight. Pathetic cow that she is.

Holly Briley said...

LOL @Tina. I say .. lobotomy or it doesn't count :)

Jessie said...

Of course she can lie about being in surgery every other day, to her...and I say this loosely...twit friends. She knows none of them personally and could walk smack into them w/o recognition. There will never be a witness to her lies, which is why she has no family or friends from high school on twitter.

Otherwise, they'd call her out by now. SHE NEEDS TWITTER TO FEEL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE...b/c she can't get it off line. She literally lives in a virtual world.

210 ppl are buying into her lies which means 210 ppl feel exactly the same way she does. It's a club!