Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson A People's Advocate? I Don't Think So

Now Brianne Chantal Patterson is calling herself a "People's Advocate?" 

 She's even advertising her services on her dot com blog. 

 All you have to do is tell her all your problems, along with your personal information and she'll go to bat for you. For a price, of course. 

Now what kind of "people's advocate" would use an innocent person's name in an attempt to ruin them as she has done and is currently doing to my daughter? Tagging all of her posts with my daughter's name and accusing her of things she KNOWS to be false all in an attempt to get to me and perhaps stop me from telling the truth about her? 

Who else would use the friends and family ... innocent people mind you ... of my daughter as a means to get to me? Who else would post their personal information adding in their own lies to suit her purposes? 

Who would do this? Who would seek to ruin an innocent people's lives? None other than "the people's advocate" Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

Who else would take to her own blog and bully and threaten someone who by all accounts she appeared to be close to? 

The only person Brianne Chantal Patterson has or will ever "advocate" for is Brianne Chantal Patterson. 


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Funny. Insanity can be hilarious.

You know what...we hope YOU'RE miserable and suffer every second of every minute of every day for the rest of your sorry pathetic effing life. You have no RIGHT to be blasting someone for behavior you've honed perfectly. Shitanne, you are the master charlatan when it comes to shameful, backstabbing, conniving, manipulative, thieving, corrupt, double faced trickeries. Nothing to boast about.

Kettle. Pot. Black...but LMAO at her keeping a secret. That was a good one.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Lord! Do NOT..I NOT fill out that form! Consider your name and address hijacked and ready to post on the net when you piss her off.

Blatant trickery.