Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Continues To Be Targets Of Infamous Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

In a previous blog post I outed yet another sock account of Brianne Chantal Patterson. She called this sock "GP Lies" referencing her failed gossip blog. As is usual for her sock accounts, they always start out by targeting her.. . this one was no exception.

I can only guess that she does this as a means to not only endear herself to the people who she tweets to, while simultaneously harassing them, but also to play the victim (something she loves to do) while promoting her failed gossip blog. 

A bit of Googling reveals she has in fact been trash talking and stalking Kelly as far back as 2008. See HERE for just one example. 

As is usual when the target of her tweets do not respond, or do not respond in the manner to which she feels they should have, she turns on the intended target(s) and begins to harass them instead. Once again, this account was no exception as evidenced by the tweets that came next: 

Then when she feels she is too close to be outed or when she is challenged by the intended victim.. she simply deletes the tweets and pretends it never happened. 

Rinse and Repeat Brianne... Rinse and Repeat.  

It appears that Brianne Chantal Patterson has been working overtime in the stalking and harassing of Kelly & Brandon. So many sock accounts. So much crazy. Though some of these accounts are now suspended, thanks to some keen eyed readers, screen shots exits. 

Then right on cue (and because the objects of her obsession isnt paying attention to her)  Kelly "Biggest" Fan turns tails, casually mentions rumors Brianne's socks have dropped and .. well.. see for yourselves: 

Then (once again) she scrubs the tweets.. and tries again. . . with the same name. 

3/28/14 5:58pm

No sooner than I posted the above screen shots of "Kellys Biggest Fan" on Twitter, did Brianne Chantal Patterson go in and deletes all of the tweets except the ones she has done so many times with her own and her sock accounts. Rinse and Repeat McScary. 

Then the entire account just goes away (only to come back again later as something else). Brianne... you really should know by now nothing is ever really gone from the internet. You can delete, but you cant disappear. 

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 Side Note: Thanks to people who sent me emails on this latest attempt of Brianne's to harass these innocent people simply because they wouldn't pay attention to her. I don't always answer your many emails, but I read each and everyone of them.


Anonymous said...

Im a long time fan of Kelly's and hate this Brianne bitch for doing this to her and Brandon. Kelly is pregnant and doesn't need this stress. I hope they sue her!

Anonymous said...

Text book shitanne. She probably goes into an infantile rage when her attempts to bush buttons, go unnoticed by her targets.

Predictable but she can't help herself.

Anonymous said...

I must ask again--- how is it that her famous victims, all of whom have lawyers on retainer, do not throw her in jail, press charges, sue her, or some other means of trying to shut her down? I just don't get it!

Holly Briley said...

I wouldnt say it will never happen..or that it never happens. Sometimes it just takes a while.

Anonymous said...

Is there any possible way to get this information to Brandon and Kelly?

Holly Briley said...

The suspensions of the sock accounts tells me they may have already seen it and are very aware.

Anonymous said...

To say this is becoming more disturbing behavior is an understatement.

She uses provocation to get information. Poor shitanne. She can't be herself to get any kind of information for her blahgs. Says a lot.

Still, it is harassment and cyber stalking. I feel so bad for the Blackstocks; who needs this stress when your pregnant? Shitanne has no remorse or moral compass.

Hope police are reading this. Intervention stat!

Jona said...

The biggest fan tweeter is now gone.

Holly Briley said...

Thanks Jona for letting me know this. Ive been super busy today making flight registrations, etc for upcoming travel and completely missed this. Added now.

Anonymous said...

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Shitanne's mission statement.

Ignorant pig do, she is.