Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Uses Her "Employers" Names, .@BadBoyBroadcast & .@Hot1049waco To Harass & Intimidate Others

I doubt if they know this, and cant help but wonder if they would approve. This may also draw them into a nasty legal battle, if I am indeed "getting served" as Brianne Chantal Patterson claims ... Im sure they wouldn't be down for that. 

It goes without saying that Ive never attempted to contact them. Why would I? Brianne Chantal Patterson eventually shoots herself in the foot .. she needs no help from me.

UPDATE: Brianne Chantal Patterson re-vamps her original post and once again tries to backpedal out of using her employers names. Too late McScary. Too late. Like Ive already said Brianne, Ive no reason to contact your employer.. or to bring them into anything. You're doing a fine job of that yourself.
If below image is too small, it can be viewed HERE.  You may need to click twice to see.


Anonymous said...

"I have more important things in my life blah blah blah." Right Brianne. Keep telling yourself that. You're pathetic.

Holly Briley said...

Yeah right? That's why she has been practically living on here since then. Her refresh button has to be worn out by now.

Speaking from experience said...

Perhaps they'll have better luck than those of us who have tried to befriend or help her, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she a gem?

Let's be clear....isn't this the same Murt whose blog was shut down by Brianne b/c he learned her true colours? Isn't this also the same Murt she went to, under ANOTHER twitter sock account, to 'warn him' of something that was cleared up between Murt and Holly a long time ago? Antagonist! She links an old blog post by him, which is now redundant.

Girl's as smart as a sack of wet mice.