Friday, March 14, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Files False Ripoff Report On Mike Gillis, GM Of The Vancouver Canucks

Following her own playbook, Brianne has filed a Ripoff Report on Mike Gillis then slipped on another sock account to tweet it out. 

She may post under many ... and I do mean MANY different names, she always falls back on the same old ways tactics and gives herself away.

You can read the report here.



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Jess said...

Where's that comment she laid down about denying she denied owning GP?

She said she has never lied about ownership of that or any blog?

Seems she has memory issues.

Jess said...

She actually went to ripoff report for this?

Hockey is a business ya shithead. The Luongo sitch has been ongoing for at least 2 years...and he has bitten the hand that feeds him with media remarks about team management, etc. Goes both ways...but that's not the point here.


Wonder when she'll file a civil suit? Stark raving mad, she is.

1 of 980 said...

I cant believe just how incredibly right you have been about this girl all along. I would have never believed it until she turned her bullying ways towards me recently.

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC, but, I found this and well, as if Holly would gave MAD COW BRIANNE's back, ever.

She actually believes that people are going to just jump in for her, in some random forum or blog, and stand up for her reputation, under anonymous? She knows no one that would attend a concert with her. She prefers to have webz friends over real life friends. They would know she was a wack job in a New York minute. Webzies are nothing more than people you've crossed paths with. She can't bond with super glue, let alone a human being.

Holly Briley said...

HA HA HA @ "Mad Cow Holly!"
Me taking up for Brianne.. the girl who has tried in vane for 2 years to ruin my and my family's lives? HA! Only in her syphilitic brain would that happen.