Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson And The Vancouver Aquarium Files #Truth

There comes a point when even a liar has to admit the truth... if only to themselves. Brianne Chantal Patterson has yet to reach that point, as evidenced by her continually blaming me and others for things it is known she does. 

Now if she wants to continue to blame and accuse others as a means to assuage her own guilt, so be it, but at least one of us should tell the truth. That person will be me. 

Case in point - recently I penned a post entitled Romeo...Romeo - Brianne Chantal Patterson Is No Juliet. In this post someone calling themselves "JG" made a comment in which they said: 

"Have you seen this?
That job at Vancouver Aquarium she lists was a volunteer position that she got fired from less than 2 months in. She couldn't get along with others and started her antics among the staff there. Imagine that? She told me a far different story though when we talked about it. Told me she was sexually harassed and left and they were telling lies about her. I later found out the truth. Have to wonder why she keeps this on her account doesn't it?"
 Since I didn't get  on a plane and flew to a country foreign to my own to make this comment, as the comment did not come the United States,  I can only post the comment as written. I do not verify identities, nor do I require a person to sign in to comment. 

But I digress . . . . 

Brianne immediately took to her blogspot blog to deny these accusations, make it sound as if I was the one accusing The Vancouver Aquarium of this and to accuse me of making this comment.  You can see full post by clicking HERE you may need to click twice to fully enlarge.

Once she wrote this, one of her 458475648 sock accounts, Skytrain Scanner, an account that by its own bio description, is dedicated to being " Your up-to-date, real-time information on all things Translink & EComm." In Vancouver. Umm last time I checked, Im not in Vancouver. 


In her rush to deny and point fingers, she lied .. again... and doesn't realize it, or doesn't care.  

She says in her blog post she "volunteered at the Vancouver Aquarium when I was 15 years old. A minor. It was a brief volunteer position that I had to do for work experience as part of my schooling requirements." 

My question is: If it was a brief volunteer stint done only for school (not out of caring for animals or the goodness of her heart) why is she listing it as "present" or her very imaginative and creative Linkedin account?

Why lie when the truth is so easily found out? 

Then there is the matter of her perversely twisting a post I did long ago on her and using a picture from that post to suit her own needs. 

 When in FACT this picture was taken from a spoof post I dis about her being a hairy beast.. a Hairy McScary. The "No No" referenced . . . a hair removal system. You can read the full post HERE

Brianne... Brianne...Brianne. Don't you ever get tired of being busted? 



Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Why does she continue to blame you for everything? If she gets the flu will she try to find a way to blame you for that too? Hairy McScary needs to get a life. It's no wonder she seems to be chronically single.

Holly Briley said...

Im her obsession. I'm the reason she cant get famous like she wants to. Im the one that wouldnt back down when she started harassing and stalking me 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she's entertainment contributor at 104.9 Waco, anymore.

How many times do you think she has to change her linkedIn because of her lies and firings?

Also, she commented on her blog that she only volunteered at the Aquarium briefly, for work experience, when she was 15 years old. I'll email you the screen shot

christopher said...

Could it be Brianne Chantal Patterson is upset about the article posted today on Scallywag exposing more of her lies, and possible impending legal action against her and of course the FBI now investigating her sorry ass? Retribution does seem to be Brianne’s forte…