Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Continues To Be Targets Of Infamous Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

In a previous blog post I outed yet another sock account of Brianne Chantal Patterson. She called this sock "GP Lies" referencing her failed gossip blog. As is usual for her sock accounts, they always start out by targeting her.. . this one was no exception.

I can only guess that she does this as a means to not only endear herself to the people who she tweets to, while simultaneously harassing them, but also to play the victim (something she loves to do) while promoting her failed gossip blog. 

A bit of Googling reveals she has in fact been trash talking and stalking Kelly as far back as 2008. See HERE for just one example. 

As is usual when the target of her tweets do not respond, or do not respond in the manner to which she feels they should have, she turns on the intended target(s) and begins to harass them instead. Once again, this account was no exception as evidenced by the tweets that came next: 

Then when she feels she is too close to be outed or when she is challenged by the intended victim.. she simply deletes the tweets and pretends it never happened. 

Rinse and Repeat Brianne... Rinse and Repeat.  

It appears that Brianne Chantal Patterson has been working overtime in the stalking and harassing of Kelly & Brandon. So many sock accounts. So much crazy. Though some of these accounts are now suspended, thanks to some keen eyed readers, screen shots exits. 

Then right on cue (and because the objects of her obsession isnt paying attention to her)  Kelly "Biggest" Fan turns tails, casually mentions rumors Brianne's socks have dropped and .. well.. see for yourselves: 

Then (once again) she scrubs the tweets.. and tries again. . . with the same name. 

3/28/14 5:58pm

No sooner than I posted the above screen shots of "Kellys Biggest Fan" on Twitter, did Brianne Chantal Patterson go in and deletes all of the tweets except the ones she has done so many times with her own and her sock accounts. Rinse and Repeat McScary. 

Then the entire account just goes away (only to come back again later as something else). Brianne... you really should know by now nothing is ever really gone from the internet. You can delete, but you cant disappear. 

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 Kelly Clarkson Continues To Be Victim Of Retaliatory Cyber-terrorist And Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

 Side Note: Thanks to people who sent me emails on this latest attempt of Brianne's to harass these innocent people simply because they wouldn't pay attention to her. I don't always answer your many emails, but I read each and everyone of them.

R,I,P Gossiping Pens

Seems our own Hairy McScary is once again lying her ass for attention "sick" and has decided to take her failed gossip blog, Gossping Pens and integrate it with her dot com blog. 

She took to her Twitter and blog to lament this and to beg for attention.

While none of us should hold our breaths that she wont make (yet another) miraculous recovery and open it back up . . for now we can all say 

Remember Brianne.. before you're shown pity or compassion, you have to show it to others, otherwise you get back what you give. 

Remember what you said about that Karma train? No? See HERE to refresh your memory. 

R.I. P. Gossiping Pens ( and by P .. we mean pieces) 

Brianne Chantal Patterson A People's Advocate? I Don't Think So

Now Brianne Chantal Patterson is calling herself a "People's Advocate?" 

 She's even advertising her services on her dot com blog. 

 All you have to do is tell her all your problems, along with your personal information and she'll go to bat for you. For a price, of course. 

Now what kind of "people's advocate" would use an innocent person's name in an attempt to ruin them as she has done and is currently doing to my daughter? Tagging all of her posts with my daughter's name and accusing her of things she KNOWS to be false all in an attempt to get to me and perhaps stop me from telling the truth about her? 

Who else would use the friends and family ... innocent people mind you ... of my daughter as a means to get to me? Who else would post their personal information adding in their own lies to suit her purposes? 

Who would do this? Who would seek to ruin an innocent people's lives? None other than "the people's advocate" Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

Who else would take to her own blog and bully and threaten someone who by all accounts she appeared to be close to? 

The only person Brianne Chantal Patterson has or will ever "advocate" for is Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson And The Vancouver Aquarium Files #Truth

There comes a point when even a liar has to admit the truth... if only to themselves. Brianne Chantal Patterson has yet to reach that point, as evidenced by her continually blaming me and others for things it is known she does. 

Now if she wants to continue to blame and accuse others as a means to assuage her own guilt, so be it, but at least one of us should tell the truth. That person will be me. 

Case in point - recently I penned a post entitled Romeo...Romeo - Brianne Chantal Patterson Is No Juliet. In this post someone calling themselves "JG" made a comment in which they said: 

"Have you seen this?
That job at Vancouver Aquarium she lists was a volunteer position that she got fired from less than 2 months in. She couldn't get along with others and started her antics among the staff there. Imagine that? She told me a far different story though when we talked about it. Told me she was sexually harassed and left and they were telling lies about her. I later found out the truth. Have to wonder why she keeps this on her account doesn't it?"
 Since I didn't get  on a plane and flew to a country foreign to my own to make this comment, as the comment did not come the United States,  I can only post the comment as written. I do not verify identities, nor do I require a person to sign in to comment. 

But I digress . . . . 

Brianne immediately took to her blogspot blog to deny these accusations, make it sound as if I was the one accusing The Vancouver Aquarium of this and to accuse me of making this comment.  You can see full post by clicking HERE you may need to click twice to fully enlarge.

Once she wrote this, one of her 458475648 sock accounts, Skytrain Scanner, an account that by its own bio description, is dedicated to being " Your up-to-date, real-time information on all things Translink & EComm." In Vancouver. Umm last time I checked, Im not in Vancouver. 


In her rush to deny and point fingers, she lied .. again... and doesn't realize it, or doesn't care.  

She says in her blog post she "volunteered at the Vancouver Aquarium when I was 15 years old. A minor. It was a brief volunteer position that I had to do for work experience as part of my schooling requirements." 

My question is: If it was a brief volunteer stint done only for school (not out of caring for animals or the goodness of her heart) why is she listing it as "present" or her very imaginative and creative Linkedin account?

Why lie when the truth is so easily found out? 

Then there is the matter of her perversely twisting a post I did long ago on her and using a picture from that post to suit her own needs. 

 When in FACT this picture was taken from a spoof post I dis about her being a hairy beast.. a Hairy McScary. The "No No" referenced . . . a hair removal system. You can read the full post HERE

Brianne... Brianne...Brianne. Don't you ever get tired of being busted? 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Romeo...Romeo - Brianne Chantal Patterson Is No Juliet

According to Brianne Chantal Patterson's Twitter bio she's an "entertainment contributor" for Bad Boy Broadcast.  I'm still not sure how three stories is really contributing, seems most of what she does for them is use their name to (try) to intimidate people (mainly me) .. . but I digress.

Yesterday a Tweeter reminded me and warned Romeo of Bad Boy Broadcast just how Brianne treats those who have given her a chance to write for them. I think its worth mentioning here as well .. you know .. for posterity and all. 

 The blog, Porky's Justice, linked above can be found HERE. Not only did Brianne go on an all out rant about this DJ, she bragged about getting him fired. 

This isn't the first time Brianne has done something like this to someone who has given her a chance. Just ask Christopher Koulouris, the owner of Scallywag & Vagabond.  Brianne once wrote for him as well. When it ended, she went on to do what she always does: file multiple false DMCA claims against him, register him on Ripoff Report and The Dirty.. all falsely .. but its her "go to" actions. You can read about it HERE .. then follow the links provided.

Not only did she do all of this ( and more) she took to her Twitter account to brag about it. 

Then there is RadioNewz Blog, Brianne once wrote for Radio as well..and when it ended, Brianne did to Radio just what she did to Chris and countless others. Her harassing Radio's blog host became so bad that the host basically told Radio to take her blog offshore where Brianne couldnt touch it as easily as if it were on shore. You can read about that HERE.  

But dont take just my word for it . . . ask Chris or Radio, Im sure they would be more than happy to tell you about the miserable experiences they had simply because they gave Brianne a chance to get out of the latrine and become a legitimate blogger.

Then. . . 

If you still want to take a chance on her, be warned... she is a ruthless liar when she leaves and will go to extreme lengths to try to take you down when its over. 

Stalking Oneself For Relevancy

In another lame attempt to garner readers for her "successful site" that she "couldn't be more proud of" and as a way to torment a pregnant Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, Brianne Chantal Patterson has taken to Twitter to stalk and harass herself. 

This time it is under the name of GP Lies 

The desperation never ends with this one. But then again, if I had the cray cray like Brianne and owned a dot com with, according to Alexa, had a global ranking of 4,791,287 I might be .... oh hell who am I kidding.. . NO ONE could be as desperate for fame and relevancy as Brianne Chantal Patterson. Her past and present behavior proves that.

Once a famewhoring, pathological lying McScary always a famewhoring, pathological lying McScary.

Right Brianne? 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Files False Ripoff Report On Mike Gillis, GM Of The Vancouver Canucks

Following her own playbook, Brianne has filed a Ripoff Report on Mike Gillis then slipped on another sock account to tweet it out. 

She may post under many ... and I do mean MANY different names, she always falls back on the same old ways tactics and gives herself away.

You can read the report here.



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Nice Try Brianne - Or Should I Say "Jillian"

I dont know why I got the particular Google alert so late, maybe because I recently changed my settings? But I did. 

When I followed the link it took me to The Dirty (dot) com and a comment Jillian Brianne made on a post about someone called Thickness. You can see the post HERE.

This is the comment: 

I own the Gossiping Pens now? 

Kinda makes me wonder what lie and defamation Brianne Chantal Patterson was trying to run away from back in October of 2013. 

For the record though, lets review ownership of the blog Gossiping Pens... just for shits and giggles. 

According to Brianne's twitter account she is Editor in Chief of Gossiping Pens. I think anyone who has ever known me or read this blog there is NO WAY in hell I would let Hairy McScary near that blog IF I owned it. 

Need further proof that Brianne Chantal Patterson owns Gossiping Pens? You can find it 

Well you get the point. 

Busted Again Brinocchio. Busted again. 


Sock It To Me

As if we didn't already know this Twitter account is in fact Brianne Chantal Pattersons, I cant help but wonder what this is all about. Bad Boy Broadcast not working out? Only time will tell. 

Bye- Bye: 

Oh Hai: 


Well This Explains A Lot - Urban DecrayCray

There is a handy dandy little app called Perfect365 that allows the user to instantly smooth skin, excise zits, highlight eyes and even resize noses before sending their image out on the Internet.

This could explain why Brianne Chantal Patterson latest selfies have her looking like a  spokemodel for a start up make up line called Urban De-CrayCray. 

Oh Brianne.. please remember .. when retouching the nose, the MJ look is out and when applying make-up (real or otherwise) less is always more. 




Then there is this one: 

Brianne . . . if you used the paid version this app, you may want to get your money back. 

No amount of touch-ups can covet your particular brand of evil cray cray...Just saying.  


As posted by Brianne Chantal Patterson today. Un-retouched photo of above .. real nose... real face. Still really scary.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pity ...Party Of One

Looks like Brianne "Babycakes" Chantal Patterson is having a moment. 

It might not be appropriate of me to remind her and the world how she has shown sympathy to others in similar circumstances, but Ive never been known to be appropriate. 

Remember writing this little post Brianne after someone you once associated with experienced a personal loss? 

You know what Brianne; it really was pretty cruel of you to write such a thing.

Now, as you stand there wondering what those lights are in the distance, I'm happy to be the one to tell you its that Karma train. Its coming down the tracks and headed right for you. 

Choo Choo. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Speaking Of Hypocrisy - Brianne Chantal Patterson Tweets About DMCA

Brianne Chantal Patterson the queen of fraudulent DMCA claims retweets a TMZ story link regarding the ownership of Ellen's famous Oscar photo. 

Next thing you know Octomom will be re-tweeting ads for condoms! 

Oh the hypocrisy of it all. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson Uses Her "Employers" Names, .@BadBoyBroadcast & .@Hot1049waco To Harass & Intimidate Others

I doubt if they know this, and cant help but wonder if they would approve. This may also draw them into a nasty legal battle, if I am indeed "getting served" as Brianne Chantal Patterson claims ... Im sure they wouldn't be down for that. 

It goes without saying that Ive never attempted to contact them. Why would I? Brianne Chantal Patterson eventually shoots herself in the foot .. she needs no help from me.

UPDATE: Brianne Chantal Patterson re-vamps her original post and once again tries to backpedal out of using her employers names. Too late McScary. Too late. Like Ive already said Brianne, Ive no reason to contact your employer.. or to bring them into anything. You're doing a fine job of that yourself.
If below image is too small, it can be viewed HERE.  You may need to click twice to see.

Stalker And Former Mental Patient, Brianne Chantal Patterson Targets My Daughter.. Again

In what can only be described as a desperate move to shut me up cyber-stalker and bully Brianne Chantal Patterson has decided to once again target my daughter on her blog by telling lies about her and trying to get others to harass her as well.  

In the same blog she threatens (for the umpteenth time) that I am getting served legal papers for "libel and slander." To that I say:


Let's do this .. because I'm pretty sure accusing someone of murder, helping to disappear a child and/or covering it up .. as you have done to me... could be considered "libel and slander." Not to mention all of the other things you have accused me or my family of and the things you have done to us these past couple years. 

Pretty sure that could all be considered "libel and slander."

And dont forget, youve done it to our friends, children's friends and their families ... and you know I have screen shots and they (as well as many others) have or are prepared to give testimony and sworn statements to support this. 

So ... bring it Brianne Chantal Patterson ... because you know I CAN .. and I WILL prove what Im saying to be true. 

Serve me. I'm waiting.

UPDATE:  Brianne has now taken to her blog and scrubbed it clean of my daughter's name and completely denied ever using it. Too little ... too late. This also does not take away from the fact that she has used it on many other places on the net, places in which she can not remove it, or her IP tracks so easily.
Keep going down that river of denial Brianne, the water just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

UPDATE 3/14/2014: In usual Brianne Chantal Patteson style, despite her claims of NOT naming my daughter, she went back into the above blog post and tagged my daughter's name in the tags. Her full name. Now how WOULD McScary know this, unless the had been stalkieng her as well? Ive pixellated most of her name, but retain the original should I ever need to produce it. What? You thought I wouldn't find out Brianne?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Scammers Gonna Scam

It really never ends with this one; does it?

Wouldnt surprise me if McScary tampered with the sandwich when she got home in order to scam more freebies.  Seems to be a pattern with this one.

 Read about her other scams HERE.