Tuesday, February 18, 2014

While We're On The Subject Of Brianne's Scams -

Remember all those ticket and giftcard giveaways? You know, the ones that never result in what's promised. 

Like - 

Madonna Tickets, One Direction Tickets? Tickets to screenings of The X-Factor? 





So many links here - http://radionewz.net/?s=VIP+Tattler 

Starbucks gift card promises for liles of your Gossip Gypsy blog http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Gossip-Gypsy-website-/Internet-Select-StateProvince/Gossip-Gypsy-website-GossipGypsyBrianneChantalBrianne-Chantal-Brianne-Chantal-Patterson-1107258

Then when you and your VIP Tatttler blog gets called out for scamming people you threaten legal action? Only problem is the attorney you cited as your own never heard of you...  http://thatsonecrazycanadianbitch.blogspot.com/2012/06/viptattler-no-thanks-ive-got-this-one.html 

Then there are all of those fraudulent DMCA take downs you file. Not only do you commit fraud when you do this, but you back date articles to claim as your own, no matter how bad they make you look. This is just one example - http://thatsonecrazycanadianbitch.blogspot.com/2014/01/brianne-chantal-loves-her-some-dmca.html  ... there is also all the fraudulent DMCA notices you filed again Vancity Filming. Hell you even admitted to writing a death threat to me just so you could file a fraudulent DMCA notice -  http://thatsonecrazycanadianbitch.blogspot.com/2014/02/breaking-huge-pants-fire-erupts-in.html .
Then there are the times your fraudulent DMCA notices you file actually work, until the ones you filed against counter them and you cant prove ownership and the work gets restored. In the meantime you sure do like to brag about the trouble youve caused them; dont you?


How about soliciting donations for Casey Anthony, then backpedaling when getting caught? 

Then there is the matter of scamming people related to Casey Anthony videos. For what? Fame? Money? Both? 

Or using a school shooting as a means to scam? How much money did you get from this and where is your proof it went to intended recipients?

Then there is this little gem http://thatsonecrazycanadianbitch.blogspot.com/2012/06/brianne-chantal-patterson-impersonating.html

Remember when you got your fat ass stuck in the stall at Starbucks? http://radionewz.net/2012/09/bahaha-brianne-chantal-may-finally-get-to-sue-someone-starbucks-lmao/ Remember how you bragged you'd make them pay for more than your dry cleaning bill? Remember how you bragged when they finally ponied up? Remember making this prmose? 

Then there are the gift cards and "binders of love" that never materialized




This behavior goes back at least to 2009 (probably longer) when she accused a gas station of charging her $100.00 rather than $10.00. Read about that here ( scroll down comments). 

Then there is the matter of all the videos she's stolen over the years - and this is only a small count. Im sure there are many, many more.


Then there was the BB (Big Brother) giveaway package you promised .. which never materialized. 

Then the BB giveaway changed from end of January to the end of February. Guess you had to buy some more time.

Now I know you've tried to make it appear like I ran the Tilly Facebook page, even though Ive proven that YOU in fact ran it - and promoted it all over the internet under your name. Read that HERE. I also know that you continue to commit identity theft, forgery and fraud by keeping my name on the Prayers For Tilly Twitter accout. Even though at one time you had YOUR name and link to YOUR facebook page on it. YOU even spammed the hell out of many while using it .

And speaking of "forgery" - You keep running around screaming about me forging your name..even suggest RCMP "confirmed" it, but fail to tell the whole story. The only thing RCMP confirmed is that I made a series of posts in which I UPFRONT said were pure bullshit and fakes and the reason I was doing so was because YOU had been doing it to me, and had done it to so many others. I was proving how easy it was to fake such content. 
Remember the posts? No? Read them at links below: 




But now tell me.. how is it "forgery" when not all of your name was used? Not like the times you've used my entire name ( as in the forged Tilly twitter account) and the threat you swore I sent you. .. the one that sent me on the search on how to fake such things. Like Ive said before, I had no idea these things could be done.. until YOU. You can thank this FORGED tweet using my name for my being able to out YOUR FORGERIES now. 

Then there is the partial email you like to trot out

As usual, you only revealed the part that suited your needs. How about the rest of them in this series? Like the one where Tim Shields, a pillar of society himself, tried to intimidate me by telling me he'd reported me to my local LE? Yeah, one phone call proved that  lie ... gotta say, its good to have relatives in law enforcement. 

You also failed to reveal why this particular series of email exchanges took place... but I wont. Tim Shields asked me (as Im sure he asked Brianne) to keep him apprised of any postings, harassment, etc. When the below comment was made by Brianne on another blog and I was made aware of it, I made him aware. Of course she lied out of it, but it was confirmed it was her.

This is the series of emails that she chooses to only use part of. 

*SIDE NOTE:  The above exchange of letters were written by me at a particularly volatile time.. I thought it pertinent to include the letters in total so that you, the readers could see the truth. **

It seems Mr Shields was unaware that Canada allows for parody in written form. He was none to happy when I explained it later and offered specific examples. You can read the law and examples HERE.

Any moron could have seen from the very beginning the "offensive" post was a total parody.. for God's sake, it was labeled "spoof." But good old Hairy McScary never tells the truth, the whole truth and would know the truth if it bit her on her ass. 

Last but certainly not least is the hospital scam in which she claims to have been given the wrong medication, even though she admits to no real adverse side effects I cant help but wonder just what she thought she was going to get out of this besides making herself look like a money grubbing attention whore.

As for the identity theft and forgeries Brianne has done using my daughter's name... I wont post them here, but I will be happy to forward to the proper authorities that have been reading this blog for the past few weeks. You can contact me using the address above under the "contact me" tab.


Tina said...

Keep up the good work Holly. Brianne is shitting herself over all of these revelations. Its good to see and hear her panicked for once. She deserves everything she gets too many times we've had to witness what she does to people in real life and online.

Jessie said...

WELL DONE! You're right. She'll retort and blame you because that's what she does. She has NEVER been able to prove innocence with her blame shifting and back pedaling. If anything, it's made her look more ruthless and callous.

...and these are just the schemes that you know about. Rest assured, she's violated, lied and stolen from people all over the continent. For example:


http://tinyurl.com/l2o9myt (you might have this one documented already, Holly. Of course, Brianne responds by blaming Holly.)

http://tinyurl.com/m24yptp (Brianne steals video from Nashville resident, who recorded Kelly Clarkson @ karaoke bar. How did you record this live event from Burnaby? This precedes crossing net paths with Holly and proves Brianne was already doing her thang long before she started stalking Holly and her family.)

http://www.rickey.org/tag/anne-chantal/ (proof she STEAlS and has the ability and mind set to steal)

I've got a few more, but I'll send them to you, Holly.

Great post and you connected the dots, as always. =)

Jessie said...

Send that email to Tim Shields and verify it with him, that he sent those emails to you. I wouldn't put it past bitchanne to contrive an email that appears authentic, but isn't. This would mean she's impersonating an officer.

We all know how tech savvy she is when it comes to her computer chop shopping (manufacturing fake texts, photoshopping, using ROR's own name on a complaint filed against her....and I mean etc etc etc).

Don't ever take what she posts as the real thing or the truth. That's mistake #1.

Holly Briley said...

He sent the emails to me, yes. I verified all that originally and with the email headers. I wouldnt believe her if she were standing in front of me on fire and screaming for a fire extinguisher!


I wrote about this dispute in my own blog due to a sock account by an unknown person making me aware of information that I had known about for two years. As a result of that article Brianne sent me a "remove her name from the blog or else." I informed her that this country has a freedom of speech clause in its constitution and also pointed out that she is a public figure since she operates an international Cleb gossip site. The article containing her name will not be modified nor removed from my blog.


Jessie said...

Good for you Murt! Nice to meet you. It's great y'all are standing up TO her b/c really, she's not all that. So she can file a DMCA and take a blog down. Who can't do that? Only a coward would take it that far. She can threaten til her scales fall off. I wouldn't call her celeb site 'international' but it is poo poo. :P

Congrats Holly on your piece in the VanCity Filming! I hope it's ok to HURRAH on here.

Her sociopathy isn't magic after all. I hope someone gets her help, stat. She's capable of taking it too far. It's been said many times.

Peace out =)

Holly Briley said...

Hoorah all you want.:)
From the looks of things and alerts Ive been getting Briasshole is trying to do some serious backtracking. I LOL at her attempts.

Jessie said...

I just LOL'd at your LOL. I LOL at her screen capping your screen capping her screen capping. What's the point? It makes no sense and she never draws a conclusion.


I posting this here b/c ppl who are following you and waiting for bitchanne's internet demise, there are a couple of blogs that Brianne is probably behind (you know how she likes to collect her IP's and use those names for her future twitter accounts).




There's a method to her madness.

(insert baby having tantrum here)


Two things came out of a recent comment I made here. The first thing that came out is that Holly now has proof that Brianne is an avid reader of this blog.
The second thing that came out is that Brianne has reading comprehension problems. She wrote in her blog that I "Twisted the truth" because I stated that she demanded I take her name off my blog "or else." She said that she did not use those exact words.
I did not say that she did use those words. The "or else" what that she was going to report me to her law enforcement for harassment. If she had probable cause to do that then everyone she has ever written about has that same right since that is the theme of what she does in her blogging, writing gossip about her targets.
I had once given Brianne the benefit of the doubt concerning the accusations against her but her actions soon changed my mind. It is my opinion that Brianne is behind much of the drama on twitter and elsewhere and may be behind many of the sock accounts that appear on Twitter.
Brianne also seems to forget that since she does run an international blog that involves famous people that she herself has some fame and is a public figure. There is also the freedom of speech issue that seems to exist here but not in Canada if we are to take her threats seriously.