Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funnies

Film and Television stand in? I think I've seen your work in The Patterson-Gimlin Film below. 

Gimlin must have been the one filming; no?


Sometimes this shit just writes itself.

See you in the funny papers... or in your case 'film and television' McScary. 


Anonymous said...

Un. Real.

I'm sure she was also playing for Canada women's hockey in Sochi, too.

Multiple personality disorders raging that troll's brain.

Sophia Petrillo said...

I would expect nothing less of you if you didn't go there with the Bigfoot footage. I howled when I saw that and the tag "maybe I really am just a mean old lady like the paperboy says." You're hilarious and still manage to show out what a lying crapbag Anne Chantal is.

Holly Briley said...

Thank you 'Sophia' so glad you got the reference ;)

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! This is the best post eva!!! The girl is mentally unbalanced. She's even blocked me (I'm a stranger to her) from her blogs ever since she blocked me from her now defunct gossip site for daring to give another point of view. Now that I know I was dealing with Bigfoot it makes it much more entertaining. Hairy McScary.

Tina said...

As of today she has this listed on her Facebook page. Did you get the screen cap I sent you of it?

Editor in Chief at Gossiping Pens and Entertainment Contributor at BadBoyBroadcast
Past: Entertainment Tonight Canada

Those positions will probably not last any longer than her other ones because she always fucks up and ends up getting canned.
Her parents are at their wits end with her too. See email sent you.

Holly Briley said...

I did Tina, yes. Thanks so much. Got the ones from last night too, just been very busy today and behind in answering emails. I can imagine her poor parents are just at their wits end, nearly 30 and still living at home sponging off of them? Sad.For them.

Anonymous said...

I completely forgot about this nut job until today. I saw her name on twitter , followed her blog - my eyes- and found yours. You have nailed her craziness down correctly. Few years ago she was pregnant and engaged or married(?) so is she on her 10th child now and 4th marriage?
Now her twatter profile says former stand in at ET Canada. I would love to know if they have ever heard of her. No one would ever put her on tv - she may end up internet suing them!

Holly Briley said...

Bless her heart, and I do mean that in the most Southern country club lady way. Bwwaaahhhaaa.

Anonymous said...

she was ok in Harry and the Hendersen's. they made her look tooooo real. at least it was an honest day's pay for her. :P