Tuesday, February 4, 2014

OH How The Butt Hurt Burns

After Hairy McScary read  yesterday's post she went to Plan B which essentially consisted of a whole lot of this:

Followed by a whole lot more this: 

Then there was a little bit of rinse and repeat when she tweeted this:

And this ( which can also be seen HERE)

All very reminiscent of something she said about me.  I seriously think she has some sort of twisted fantasy about this sort of thing.

By night fall she was calmed down, enough to MOVE to a new area while simultaneously diagnosing herself with a new disease. Maybe it was the medications they gave her at her pretend emergency dentist appointment?

Another sick ass, twisted fantasy she has - being sick. I mean in the last 6 mos she's had Cancer AND been pregnant. Of course this was only in her mind, but that is where all her best friends live.  

The girl is batshit 


Anonymous said...

You're killing me today Holly. I don't know how I missed this earlier but now reading it at work and laughing so hard has all my co-workers looking at me like I might be sniffing glue back here in my cubicle.
I love this blog. Love it.

Holly Briley said...

I do what I can do. Sorry about the coworkers.. you could try to explain it all, but that might make it worse. LOL :)

Milly said...

What media is contacting her about this??? Is she serious? LMAO

Holly Briley said...

American Journal Of Psychiatry?

Psychiatric Times?

The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry?

Of course they're probably contacting her to take part in some clinical research on her particular brand of crazy vs this non-story story of hers.

Jessie said...

This is bar none the best laugh I've had in days. This girl cannot get over herself. Does she seriously think the RCMP is at he beckon call, only? How long has she been claiming to be the next victim of the grim reaper...only to be blaaaahging on and on and on about her mundane fantasy life. The temper tantrum kid is the perfect VERB for this twit.

Ann....you need new material. I say that b/c getting help and having the balls to recognize people have problems of their own, is not in your capacity. On and on and on you go with the same shit, different day. You're great at recycling. Why don't you put that gift to good use, get a real job and work at the bottle depot or local compost....anything. The ones who believe you are as delusional as you are.

Who cares to call the RCMP to inform them that shit britches is posting THIS information for personal gain and harming others (which was content I believe Miss Cooke brought up in her message to numb skull. She only hears what she wants to hear, as you can see).

What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself. ~Abraham Lincoln

She's her own demise...mmmwahahhahahaaaaaa. Ha.

Yasmin said...

I'm dying at this. The media she refers to must be her own GossipingPens blog, LOL. I love how she writes about herself in that one like she's not the one running it. And that @jujutin person is either herself or some other loon, because it's the same account that pretended to be Ryan Paevey from GH a little while back.

Holly Briley said...

I truly hope that Brianne gets much media attention from this. Because that is when the shit will hit the fan, and her stalking past will come back to bite her in the ass. Unlike her when she made up lies about me and my family.. I will simply tell the truth... about her.

Anonymous said...

I hope the media is really in touch with her, too, because they will not be able to do much without ALSO exposing everything ELSE about her. They will feel like fools for painting her to look like a victim once her true history is revealed.

Which means they would investigate her FIRST, most likely, and quash the story.

But we know ain't no media outlets contacting her in any capacity. Kind of a shame really. It would be so great if she hung herself with her own rope. Figuratively, of course. Don't want her to wind up in a ditch, trash bag, dumpster, wood chipper, cement mixer, candy coating drum, furnace, crematorium, kitchen garbage disposal, or anything. You know, just in case someone OTHER than Brianne was planning her demise.

I can't wait to see what self-diagnosed (and imagined) condition she has next. Too bad she doesn't self-diagnose mental illness and get help for that. Ignorance is not bliss.

Holly Briley said...

" Don't want her to wind up in a ditch, trash bag, dumpster, wood chipper, cement mixer, candy coating drum, furnace, crematorium, kitchen garbage disposal, or anything."

LMAO!! Countdown to her claiming THAT was a threat too.