Friday, February 21, 2014

No, We're Not Related #AmericanIdol

This post is a departure from the norm on here, but I wanted to get this on record before Brianne Chantal Patterson aka Gossiping Pens and her 5548954743874584 plus identities can start spinning any shit about it. 

This morning I got asked if I was related to Ben Briley, the guy on American Idol. Since Im not a fan of reality tv and never watch it or American Idol, I had no idea who they were talking about. 

I was soon told there is a guy on American Idol this time around named Ben Briley. When I went looking for this, sure enough there is. Via Gossip Cop -  American Idol Reveals Top 30 for Season 13 — With A Twist! SEE FULL LIST HERE!

I need to go on record now by saying, because we all know how Hairy McScary operates and she doesnt care who she involves in her cyber-crimes, Ben Briley and I are NOT related. 

Hear that McScary - NOT RELATED - so leave this man alone. 


Anonymous said...

Good idea Holly for letting people know up front. We all know freak ass Brianne is a rabid reality tv junkie and if she ever decided she didn't like this contestant she would use the same last name against him and you.

Holly Briley said...

Oh how I know Anonymous. Ive seen what she has done to my family, friends and their family and friends.. that is why I stated this as soon as I found out about him.
Her disease riddled mind knows no bounds. She is pathological and cruel to a fault.

Jess said...

Oh man. Great you called it. Poor kid would have bit hit out of nowhere and accused of whatever Brianne feels like he's guilty of.