Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"I've NEVER publicly stated where I currently reside" - Brianne Chantal Patterson

Remember when you wrote that in your letter to the RCMP?

I guess you must have forgotten about your comment on Richard Stewart's (the  Mayor of Coquitlam British Columbia) Facebook page when you wrote that.

Remember the "unusual alert" he posted advising citizens of Coquitlam to exercise caution while using parks and trails? 

Let me highlight it for you - "As a new resident of Coquitlam"dated May 17, 2013.

Before you can accuse me of building a time machine, going back in time and posting this as you... or somehow "forging" your name on Facebook.. we should take a look at your Facebook page. Notice the friends listed on the left ... I'm sure anyone of them could, if need be, verify this is indeed your page. 

 Here is another shot of your Facebook page, with the address bar included.. just in case your still spinning that hamster wheel in your brain trying to figure out how to get out of this one. 

I imagine once you run over to this page and delete your comment you'll begin to ask yourself "where else did I post?" "what did Holly screen cap before I deleted it?" 

You'd be right to ask yourself that, because you never know whose fortune I'll be telling next.


Tina said...

Scary man in white van asked to use her cell phone and she politely declined then got away?That there should tell anyone reading you didn't write it. lmfaorotf

Holly Briley said...

LOL @Tina :)

Anonymous said...

Holly how do you find all of this stuff? You are an excellent detective.

Holly Briley said...

Some of them I find.. some of them get sent to me, like this one. I always check the information out before posting it though.

Jessie said...


Sherlock would be proud ;)

Jessie said...

PS...Holly...you have her commented dated as 2014. In fact, Brianne states she's a new resident as of May, 2013. No wonder RCMP in Burnaby referred her crap to Coquitlam. I'm sure they're Burnaby is partyin on and Coquitlam is cursing...LOL.

Holly Briley said...

Thanks Jessie - I finally got used to writing 2014 and now I can stop!! LOL. Fixed :)

Anonymous said...

The back pedaling incubus changed her facebook url as of today. Color me SHOCKED.


No! Not moe Brianne! LESSSSSSS is much moe.

Anonymous said...

How much to y'all wanna bet she's waiting to sue the city for this...or that fake *mugging*? That's her verb/s....sue. Her next fave is getting ppl fired or making routine complaints to Rogers, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Starbucks, etc, all in the name of free products and humble apologies for putting her waaaay out. Skeery stuff, that amazon witch. I wonder if she's pulled insurance scams yet? You know, tap and break. I better not give her ideas.

Actually, her verb is SCAM. That covers everything.

Glad I'm not in BC.

Anonymous said...

The close up on her trout face is too much for my eyes. They burn. Maybe we could pixelate that image in the future? LOL