Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Like Watching A Monkey Try To Backpedal A Bicycle

The other day Brianne cracked the knuckles on her hairy little sausage fingers, took to her blog and began to debunk (another one of her favorite words) information posted on this blog. 

This proves what Ive already known, she rides this blog like a circus pony and she cant keep her own lies straight. 

Her post was in response to this and this blog post I made. Most of it is just plain backpedaling on her part .. all three versions of it she posted. But there are a few parts I'd like to address.. and challenge her to PROVE IT. 

This is her post.. the red boxes I placed there are enlarged below full post. 

I have no doubt Mr Shield is "highly respected within the RCMP" personally I could not care less. As for being a liar? If that is what you want to call it.. oh wait... that is what you called them. Remember THIS post? How about this tweet? 

As for your being "privy" to him calling my local LE about this matter .. prove it. Post the reports because IF there had been a call, there would have been a report. Its public information in my state, all you have to do is call them (the numbers not changed since the last time you called them) and they will fax or mail you the report. Go ahead, call them.. oh yeah, I forgot, they told you to STOP CALLING THEM. Plus not only would there been a report about the call, there would be a report about their coming out to question me about it. That is policy - when a report is made, a visit is made. You of all people should remember that since you sent them to my house three times in one day with your crazy calls.

Well McScary, its good to see you're finally admitting this blog is and has always been yours. I mean, its not like you really had a choice since you've been outed as the owner time and time again. I just have one question - Why do you still "interview" yourself on this blog and talk about yourself in 3rd person? We know there are no other writers on there, the voices in your head doesn't count. 

And you should be very proud of that "successful site" According to Alexa as of today, its rockin'! Just look at those daily page views. 

Yes, Im sure they have been, but probably not to investigate me... an American citizen. As you so aptly pointed out in an email to you from them, they have NO jurisdiction over me, an American citizen.

You on the other hand - Canadian citizen, Canadian agencies .. 2+2 McScary. But just for shits and giggles, Im going to challenge you to post them. 

 This one is going to be fun because I didn't get your being pregnant out of thin air .. it was YOU who was saying (again) that you were pregnant. Remember? Note the dates on them as well.

 Then there is the email exchange between you and I during that brief period of time we were truced up?

You can deny this is or ever was your email address, but remember this- I have the emails with the headers intact. Those headers will go right back to you, and your ip. I should also tell you I sent all of these emails to RCMP as part of my original complaint.. so they have them too.I'd be more than happy to post it if you want me to. 

And last but not least 

Hell no, I didn't deny sending them .. I DID send the emails. Unlike you, I admit to things Ive done . I dont hide behind lies and spin. Nor do I make up fake twitter accounts in an attempt to stir the pot, illicit support or take the heat off myself. 

Born within minutes of you revision post. Obvious McScary Troll is obvious.


T.P. said...

LMFAO to monkey backpedaling a bicycle. You must drive Hairy McScary to distraction with the ease and absolute proof you provide when "debunking" her lies.

Anonymous said...

Queen Beast is such a liar. I remember going into her Twitter, or her blog, or some such thing, wish I would have screencapped it now so I could give it to you, and she said something like, "Being pregnant has made me less tolerant of people." This was in December of 2013, mind you.

You posted screencaps of her saying she was pregnant in May of 2012.

How many kids does she pretend she has? As far as I can tell, she never mentions them online, or mentions having a single one, so where are her kids? Which one of her personalities wears the pregnancy pillow and goes around talking about having children and pretending she's having a baby? Does this same alter go around carrying a doll and acting like it's real?

Which one of her personalities thinks she has cancer? Does this alter try to schedule chemo and radiation appointments?

Goodness. She's like Sybill. I would feel sorry for her living in a mental Hell, but she's in such denial about it, and refuses to get help, I just can't muster the pity.

Holly Briley said...

She's been pregnant more times than probably even she can count in the past 2 years. Same with Cancer. When she's not moving, going on vacation, having sinus infections or tooth pain or some sort of surgical procedure and bless her heart, she tweets,stalks and blogs right on through it all. smdh

Jess said...

She's intolerant by nature. Since she's never been pregnant, she can't use that as an excuse.

We got these 2 beauteous tweets:

..but the laughable hormonal rage she claims of, can be found right on Holly's page (awesome work, as always!)

Brianne truly believes she is smarter than everyone and anyone. She's not stupid, but she's sloppy when it comes to cleaning up her messes. Notice she can never address the lies she's told. She reaches into her bag o' tricks, and writes about anything but the truth. She's the one who created the fake twitter to reach out to Mr. Murtaugh, but when that back fires (he doesn't buy in into her attempts), she goes back to pounding on her keyboard and blame switching. Again. It's classic Patterson. You will NEVER get her to admit or confess, even when she's painted into the tightest corner in the history of ever.

I'm no longer surprised by her inability to face the truth and create diversions when she's been caught red handed. I'm just wondering why she continues to go 'round and round on the carousel of insanity. It's not working for her. If anything, it's caught the attention of the RCMP Crime Unit in OTTAWA...the nation's capital. In other words, there's an investigation going on, on a federal level, in my opinion. It also involves the Canada Revenue agency. If she's on disability or collecting financial assistance from the federal gov't, you can bet they want to know about her scams and extra earnings, albiet, dishonest on the interweb.

Just my humble opinion.

Yasmin said...

Omg, what a liar! I saw with my own two eyes that she said she was pregnant on twitter, a few months back (december or so). Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Thank God she's only faking it! Can you imagine how much she would mess up a kid? I had to laugh at the instagram pic. Of course only a shot of the torso. That could be anybody.

Testedpositive said...

Hey annonymous, I have that tweet screencapped. Holly isn't the only one that screencaps that bitches shit. Here you go, enjoy:

Anonymous said...

the tweet and fake sock account to murt is the saddest thing ever.

one thing to lie. diabolical to go to any length to cover them up.

church lady has referenced her a few times #satan