Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grifters, Scammers And Babycakes

How many of us have gotten less than stellar service while out at a restaurant or coffee shop? How many of us have had mistakes in charges made when using a debit or credit card? It happens, people are human and humans make mistakes.

Most of us being reasonable and sane bring it to the establishments attention and they make it right and we all go on with our happy lives. 

Unless you're Brianne Chantal. She has made it her mission to (attempt) to destroy any establishment that 'does her wrong.' 

She has a long history of this. Its a well established grifter trick... complain and get freebies or monetary compensation from the establishment you're complaining about. Grifters know that these places normally settle as a way to stop the potential public backlash and bad press.. and grifters, like Brianne, use it to their advantage. 

Most recently I was reminded about her attempt to do the same to Cockney Kings Fish & Chips. 

She stated that she ordered take out and when she got home realized she had been overcharged. When she got home? I dont know about any of you, but I check my receipts at the store.. BEFORE I get home. But then again, Im not a grifter. 

She want on a long ass rant on her blogs, Twitter accounts and as she always does. She posted on Vancouver Forums (and got her ass handed to her) about this and in true McScary fashion attached links to her blog where she had ranted about this establishment even more. 

Then she took to Ripoff Report - her favorite place to post, and here is where it gets interesting. Not only did she post, but she came back some months later to call herself out .. the only mistakes she made was forgetting to use a different name and using the same phraseology. 

"Babycakes?" Remember when you used that word when threatening me oh so long ago?
I do . . . 


Jessie said...

Wrong piece, but, she got stuck in a Starbucks bathroom stall? LMFAO.

Maybe she should layoff SB, Cockney Kings and fast food. I mean, I know I would take that as a sign I need to change my eating habits.

Quite the indulgent. (I can't stop LOL'ing)

Anonymous said...

In no time, she'll be pulling off insurance scams. #tapandbreak. I bet she's got her parents to buy life insurance and she's the benefactor. -smh-