Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brianne Patterson Invokes The Courtney Love Defense

After this post where I proved she lied to the RCMP about never publicly stating her new location Brianne did what anyone else with her particular brand of crazy would do - she claimed she didnt know the post was public! 

Come the fuck on Brianne.. you couldn't come up with something better than that? On a page that is clearly open and clearly public.. you have the nerve to say you didnt believe the comment to be public?! 

Please, you know how Facebook works.. you can't think for one minute anyone in their right minds would believe you; do you?

As to how I got those shots and links? Now a single Google was Googled.. but an message was opened. A message from someone you know. How else would I get those Facebook pages? You have me blocked, remember? And darlin' youre just not worth setting up another facebook page for.. besides... alts are your specialty. 

I will get to all your other bullshit on that post, but not now. Soon though. Very soon.  


Anonymous said...

So, she didn't know the post was a public statement. That's what's crushing her? She was caught lying, but when she does so in a scheming and fraudulent manner, it's ok to lie? What they don't know won't kill them?

Thanks, Brianne. You've given all of us a clear picture of your psyche. You just said it yourself. Perfectly.

Holly Briley said...

LOL Anonymous... It's perfectly fine as long as you believe it. I mean really really believe it, according to Brianne.
Kinda like when Bill Clinton said he didnt know oral SEX was really sex. GMAFB.