Monday, February 3, 2014

Brianne Chantal Sings - It's Fun To Call The RCMP

Remember all those times you insisted the Gossiping Pens website wasn't yours.. but rather you were just a "contributor?"

Remember how your ass got busted on that when you made one of your many false DMCA claims against others for using your Twitter logo... the one you don't have copyright claims to.. but these people do ...  when they screen shot one of your tweets and posted it. If you don't, you can read about those here and here  

Or if you prefer visual proof: 

Courtesy of Vancity Filming 
Courtesty of Vancity Filming 

Then when you get busted for using a false address on the registry of the blog you claim not to own, you change the address (read about that HERE) then take to your blog and begin your backpedaling and screaming "photoshopped." 

Click on image to enlarge 

In your haste to cry fowl and try to wiggle your way out of yet another lie you told and got busted on, you admitted what you've denied for so long. It IS YOUR BLOG.

Click on image to enlarge

Now to the matter of the RCMP. Brianne, I just have to ask - are you remaking The Village People's YMCA using RCMP in its place? You sing their name so much, I cant think of any other reason. It cant be to intimidate me, because Im pretty sure you know they don't.
Tell me .. do you stand in your basement and practice? 

I can almost picture it now. 

Also, you cant scream that anyone has posted your OLD address, phone number, etc when it is you who didn't privatize your blog when you registered it.. and this information appears on a VERY PUBLIC domain.

Then there is this little gem. Now, how would you know about the servers if you were only a "contributor?"

But I digress... the RCMP letter? You know, the one you say doesnt exist.
Since there were no confidentiality or non disclosure statements on the email, Ive left it intact.

Now ... How 'bout that? 

Now run along now and privatize your blog. Write some letters to the RCMP.. pull your hair out then write another blog about how this is all photoshopped. 
We can wait. 


Anonymous said...

Brianne is all over her Twitter account talking about how the RCMP done her wrong. She's going to file formal complaints too.
She fucked up and she is blaming them? What an idiot.

Holly Briley said...

LMAO .. I was just talking to someone about this. Like I told them, she'll write a blog, GossipingPens will retweet it and so on and so on.
RCMP .. or anyone for that matter can follow links to see for themselves. Im sure right about now she is scrambling to make her registration private.
Good thing for screen shots, huh?

Jona said...

How can she blame you for her own actions? You didn't register that blog, then lie about it repeatedly. That is all on her.
Keep up the good work Holly I know Brianne has been stalking you since the Casey Anthony videos. I applaud you for not backing down to her.

Holly Briley said...

Thanks Jona. :)

JG said...

The RCMP will be making you remove this from this blog. You will also be facing charges. Hope you enjoy your time in jail you fat cow.

Holly Briley said...

Really JG? You mean to tell me the CANADIAN RCMP is going to try to deny me.. AN AMERICAN CITIZEN my right to free speech?
Charges? lol - last time I heard telling the truth wasn't a crime.
Oh my goodness.. if nothing else, you gave me a good laugh.
PS: Mooooooo