Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson No Longer Feeling The Love For The RCMP

Back in the day Brianne couldn't sing the praises of the RCMP enough. Hell she loved them so much she called them nearly everyday for some imagined slight .. at least she claimed to call them. They were her "go to" guys, and truth be known, probably the only real people she interacted with. 

Now it seems she's lost that loving feeling toward the boys in red, and anyone who has ever been on the wrong side of Hairy McScary knows what that means.

Now mind you, she is just getting started, but so far she has a new twitter account named Exposing The RCMP.  While it has only 8 tweets as of this writing.. you can certainly tell that McScary is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Because Brianne's lock tends to get stuck on her Twitter door and tweets tend to disappear, Ive taken the liberty of screen capping them. See below.

I do hope the RCMP has plenty of brooms and mops, because according to Brianne, they are going to have some kind of mess to clean up. 

Before Brianne can deny this account belongs to her or try to say I made it (like she has done with the Prayers For Tilly Twitter account) the below screenshot will prove it is her. You will notice the Twitter name @Briadoublene (Its well known that she's tweeted and used the name Briadoublene long before she ever knew I existed) is retweeted and quoted by Gossiping Pens (another McScary account) but when you look at the tweet that was quoted, Briadoublene's name no longer appears.. now in its place is @ExposingTheRCMP.
See below: 

Then there is her blog, Exposing the RCMP which is pretty much more of the same. 


Its so sad when a crazy basement dwelling loon loses the love for the only people who are required by law to talk to her. Sad. Sad. Sad.  

Judging by the link I received a few minutes ago in my mail.. it looks like Brianne has proceeded to Step 2 in her How To Stalk Libel and Bully Others Online manual.. placing people on Ripoff Report. Countdown to her blaming me for this with her "Holly Briley forged my name" or some other equally bullshit backpedaling post. Click HERE to read report online, or see screen shot below:


Jessie said...

Wow. What's funny or that her RCMP account is following 2 RCMP accounts. What does she expect is going to happen from all this? What's next...exposing the Queen for wacking Brianne? She's full out lost it

This is ridiculous. This is called passive aggressiveness. Blaming others for their behaviour and wrong doings. She also shows sociopathic tendencies. Lies comes easy to her, so don't bother having a conversation with Patterson about honesty, integrity or values. In one ear...out the other.

This might be where she crossed the line, folks. Wait for it. :D

JG said...

Not to mention that her Exposing the RCMP blog is a blog ~ ca as in Canada.
She is so stupid she stinks.

Anonymous said...

She's going full throttle to persecute the RCMP BUT BY GOSH, she did NOT post a rip off report.

I'll tell ya what. She does to the media, I'll call up these particular officers and offer my assistance as a witness to how Brianne fabricated and perpetrated these schemes to begin with. She can't keep track of her lies. I've already emailed twitter about her activities and history. I'm waiting for a reply. If she initiates a campaign to defame these hard working people who've only EVER tried to help her...and God bless em, put up with her, I'll back them up however I can. Dual citizenship has its privileges. Let me see what I can do to help Canada's finest. I'll ring em up, now.