Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Continues To Deceive - The RCMP May Find This Useful

I had hoped to have this information for an earlier post, but that didn't happen. As fate would have it though, the timing worked out perfectly. . . at least for me. 

Recently I filed a legitimate DMCA notice on a tweet that Brianne did in which she included my copyrighted avatar. 

Did I care if it succeeded or not? No. Actually I hedged my bets that Brianne being Brianne would counter the notice. She did, and in doing so proved once again that she liar liar pants on fire.  This information may also be helpful to the RCMP since Brianne is now going after them. 

When you file a DMCA claim against someone you must give an electronic signature and swear state under penalty of perjury that you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. We all know this is something that is lost on Brianne as she has and continues to file fraudulent DMCA claims as evidenced here  here   here and  here and these are just a few of the many fraudulent claims she has made against people over the years.

You are also told and must sign to the fact that you understand when you file a DMCA claim this information may be shared with third parties such as Chilling Effects Clearinghouse and that it will be shared with the person you are filing the claim against. On Twitter it looks like this: 

Same goes when you file a counter claim, as Brianne did, information will be shared. Twitter's policy on counter notices states: 

If you're still reading this ( and thank you if you are ) you're probably wondering why this information is important. Its important because it shows yet another clear pattern of deception and deceptive practices on Brianne's parts. It's also important because the counter notice I received shows that Brianne lied to the RCMP in her letter to Derren Lynch when she stated, "I've yet to update the Whois information for my blogs." 

Notice the date on her letter to Derren is February 2, 2014. Now when you look at the counter notice I received notice the date on it is February 3, 2014.. then notice the address she uses ( for the blog she swears she doesn't own ). Guess she still "hasnt gotten around to" this because as of today the same address appears on the Whois page for the blog she "doesn't own."
** Its fair to note here that this is an old address for Brianne but if nothing else it shows her continual and blatant deceptions. It is also part of public record now as she was advised by Twitter legal department when she filed the (fraudulent) counter notice. This address and phone number is also available online HERE where she uses it as the non privatized ... public registration for her Gossiping Pens blog.

Now Brianne.. because I know you're reading this .. . run along and scream "if anything happens to me, my blood will be on the hands of Twitter Legal Department for releasing my information." 

While you're at it, don't forget to make a Twitter account and blog about it like you did the RCMP. 


Jessie said...

Why not contact these people and inform them that she's willfully and intentionally filing claims with false information? If they don't do something this time, they'll at least BOLO for future DMCA's submitted by Patterson. We all know people like her start with small crimes, but when you get away with them for so long, she'll push boundaries. I'd be happy to do it. There's enough evidence on the net that can be syphoned for this purpose.

Holly Briley said...

As far as the Twitter one... she can have it. Like I said, I really dont care all that much, the filing was a means to an end.
As for Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, I have made contact with them.. now we wait and see. If they chose to proceed, she could be looking at a lot of trouble as it is a punishable by law.

murtwitnessonelive said...

Brianne pulled a DMCA stunt against one of my blogs that caused it to be shut down for a month while Wordpress straightened things out. It turns out that Brianne filed the DMCA on an image SHE DID NOT OWN. It was an image owned by HOLLY that was on her twitter log. Brianne denied making the complaint in spite of evidence to the contrary. I now believe that Brianne may be behind most of the sock Twitter accounts pitting all sides in the various disputes against each other.

Holly Briley said...

Whoever wrote the letter ( and I believe it was her as she instantly knew who it came from even though I blacked out the name ) who be the rightful owner, not me as the recipient. That is why I believe she denied she DMCA'd it.. because in doing so, she was admitting to being the author. None the less, she does have a habit of alting up and causing trouble. Its one of the things she does best.