Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brianne Chantal Contacts Authorities, Demand They Stop What Theyre Doing And Police My Twitter Account

Because who cares about homicides, burglaries, you know ... real crimes? 


Nell Fenwick said...

You know those Mounties draw straws to decide who is going to take her calls. I pity them for having to deal with her day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

So, who's she employed by other than her own imagination? Why doesn't she just post a pic of a genuine pay check and end the non sense?

Other than that...thanks again for the BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA's. It goes to show you keep hitting the nail on the head cuz she follows up on her blog with a fairy tale every single stinking time.

Why so defensive trollanne?

I say we all pitch in and send the Mounties Timmy's gift cards for all the time shit britches runs to them and tattles...then thumps on them for not being her net body guards.....then tattles some more.

We all know that LE in ALL countries are valuable put for the sake of the Mounties, I'm going to shed some light on just how infantile this little brat is.

Please read this and compare it to the plights of Patterson. This is the worst shooting in the history of the RCMP. I tip my STETSON to the men and women who protect us from real threats.

Putting their lives on the line every single day.

Anonymous said...

For added measure. The story.

Holly Briley said...

Thank you for the links Anonymous. Every LEO in every country has far better things to do than to waste their times taking such frivolous complaints from the self admitted mentally ill simply because they were butt hurt online. While they are listening to her whaaa whaaa whaa bullshit someone who TRULY needs their help is waiting. She is a gross menace to society.