Monday, February 10, 2014

BREAKING: Huge Pants Fire Erupts In Canada - Expected To Burn For Days, Neighborhoods Evacuated!

Coquitlam, British Columbia,Canada:  A fire recently extinguished has reignited sending locals running for cover as Brianne Chantal Patterson's bloomers have once again ignited in flames. 

The cause of the fire has been determined to be "posters remorse." 

Patterson, the local leader of The Liars Club once again placed her hairy little sausage fingers to the keyboard, banged out a Ripoff Report on the RCMP ... only to have second thoughts about it. I suspect those 'second thoughts' came courtesy of contact by the RCMP, but this is only an assumption. Patterson's Ripoff Report can be viewed by clicking HERE, and true to my earlier predictions, she did indeed blame yours truly for the report. Never mind the fact that she opened a Twitter account and blog titled Exposing The RCMP. Because our sausage fingered friend like to delete Ive taken the liberty of screen capping these accounts which you can see by clicking HERE.

Since Ripoff Report rarely, if ever, takes down reports the only thing left for Patterson to do would be to lie. .. something she does with ease. She would have to claim impersonation, as if anyone in their right mind would want to be her.. even on the internet!  Let me tell you what, she knows a thing or two about impersonation. She currently is impersonating me on Twitter and Facebook under the name Prayers For Tilly.

To Patterson's credit she did manage to get her name off of the report, and of course blogged her psychotic little brain out about it. Even in doing this, she failed to tell the whole truth about it, especially when she tweeted stating Ripoff Report "confirms" I posted the report.

In fact Ripoff Report didn't confirm anything of the sort, they simply told her (as she posted on her blog) 

"IF this is someone using your identity, we suggest contacting local law enforcement." 
As in the same local law enforcement she has been "exposing" and bad mouthing. The same law enforcement she threatened. The same law enforcement she has been *cough* doing media rounds about? THAT law enforcement? By the way ...  "IF" is not a confirmation. 

Now McScary says she contacted law enforcement.. so here I sit waiting for The Mounties to bust down my door. Hopefully they'll get here before those cease and desist orders of hers Ive been waiting for for TWO years now. 

This isnt the first time Patterson has suffered poster's remorse as we're all aware of her repeated pattern of post, tweet and delete. Most recently she did just that when she took to her Gossiping Pens blog and proclaimed that she and another man were witnesses to the most recent troubles of Tom Ford while he was in Burnaby British Columbia. In the original blog post you can see where Brianne has named herself among the witnesses: 

Text outlined in red: 

But now it reads without Brianne's name in it.

Text outlined in red: 

Posters remorse? 

Then there is the time she sent me an alted up I received an email death threat. You can read about that HERE.  No sooner than I tweeted about it and another blogger blogged about it did Brianne Chantal Patterson file a DMCA claim against the (other) blogger that posted it in an effort to get it taken down!

Patterson's asshole must have puckered after she realized that by claiming DMCA rights to the death threat would mean that she was responsible for writing it as only the author of the letter has the legal rights to it so far as DMCA goes. She then went on a rampage of denial and threats and otherwise general harassment of the blogger who originally published it. You can read this blogger's postings about that HERE - HERE and  HERE.  

Posters remorse and an admission of a crime? 

I cant tell you the number of times over the past 2 years Ive had the displeasure of knowing this looney tooney has posted, tweeted only to delete or retract certain parts of these posts/tweets later or file false DMCA claims in an effort to get her lies taken down.

Ohh McScary - Your pants. Your pants. Your pants are on fire! 


Melissa said...

lol lol lol "Big" Pants fire then that picture. Holly you need to put a warning on this blog not to read at work or in public!!

Jessie said...

...and continuing to abuse the DMCA system by using an address THAT SHE DOES NOT LIVE AT (an old address of hers, which she uses to register her blogs and make her DMCA claims, etc), wouldn't be in her best interest either.

I wonder if that corner she's painting herself in feels smaller and smaller, lately?

The thing about using a lie to cover up a lie to cover up a lie is that...people begin to see the dots NEVER connect.

No one fears you, Brianne. They just think you're the epitome of a shithead, pathetic troll who, like every coward, is a real GOOD FELLA (don't eff with me or I'll ruin you tweets) behind the monitor but in real life, it nothing but an underachieving, lonely, friendless , recreant.

You're just lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut. Can't be a great view.

Holly, that pic is enough to make me yak last night's dinner. I'm jonesin for gravol :P