Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funnies

Film and Television stand in? I think I've seen your work in The Patterson-Gimlin Film below. 

Gimlin must have been the one filming; no?


Sometimes this shit just writes itself.

See you in the funny papers... or in your case 'film and television' McScary. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Speaking Of Forgery

I received an email yesterday from one of my friends who wanted to know when I started using Google+and why I had such an awful 'about' profile about myself.

Well imagine my surprise when I asked her to link me to it and I found this - 

Don't get me wrong, I go have a Google+ account and those stupid ass circles by virtue of having a gmail account, but I do not use it or them, ever. 

Then I got to poking around and found a blogspot blog bearing my name. What was even more not at all fucking surprising is this particular blog bearing my name was a blog .. "ca" meaning Canada. Hmm. Now who do we know in Canada that would do such a thing?

Here is a screen shot of the blog with the address bar capped as well. Notice the url and the very first post. . . Plotting to murder her?! Became good friends with her?! Good God this girl has some freaky fantasies.
If this is too small for you to see on your screen, you can click HERE to see in full, you may have to click on image twice to enlarge. 

While I do have the entire blog screenshot, I wont post it on here as much of it contains pictures and names of my children, and some of their friends. I will however share them with the proper authorities if so needed. 

Now before you rush over there to check Brianne, I'll save you the trouble. 

And the impersonation Google + account *poof* All gone too.  

This is very reminiscent of the impersonation blog your 454854 alt bff Sarah Kreft made of me once upon a time. Wanna try to deny that too? Well the proof that you were indeed Sarah can be found right HERE. And just like this impersonation blog, your Sarah's blog went all gone too.

I don't know what its called in Canada, but here in the good old U.S of A its called Identity Theft and YOU Hairy McScary are committing it. 

Soon enough the other accounts and blogs ( like the 'who is' one) will be gone too. .. What? You thought I didn't know? 

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While We're On The Subject Of Brianne's Scams -

It's Like Watching A Monkey Try To Backpedal A Bicycle

The other day Brianne cracked the knuckles on her hairy little sausage fingers, took to her blog and began to debunk (another one of her favorite words) information posted on this blog. 

This proves what Ive already known, she rides this blog like a circus pony and she cant keep her own lies straight. 

Her post was in response to this and this blog post I made. Most of it is just plain backpedaling on her part .. all three versions of it she posted. But there are a few parts I'd like to address.. and challenge her to PROVE IT. 

This is her post.. the red boxes I placed there are enlarged below full post. 

I have no doubt Mr Shield is "highly respected within the RCMP" personally I could not care less. As for being a liar? If that is what you want to call it.. oh wait... that is what you called them. Remember THIS post? How about this tweet? 

As for your being "privy" to him calling my local LE about this matter .. prove it. Post the reports because IF there had been a call, there would have been a report. Its public information in my state, all you have to do is call them (the numbers not changed since the last time you called them) and they will fax or mail you the report. Go ahead, call them.. oh yeah, I forgot, they told you to STOP CALLING THEM. Plus not only would there been a report about the call, there would be a report about their coming out to question me about it. That is policy - when a report is made, a visit is made. You of all people should remember that since you sent them to my house three times in one day with your crazy calls.

Well McScary, its good to see you're finally admitting this blog is and has always been yours. I mean, its not like you really had a choice since you've been outed as the owner time and time again. I just have one question - Why do you still "interview" yourself on this blog and talk about yourself in 3rd person? We know there are no other writers on there, the voices in your head doesn't count. 

And you should be very proud of that "successful site" According to Alexa as of today, its rockin'! Just look at those daily page views. 

Yes, Im sure they have been, but probably not to investigate me... an American citizen. As you so aptly pointed out in an email to you from them, they have NO jurisdiction over me, an American citizen.

You on the other hand - Canadian citizen, Canadian agencies .. 2+2 McScary. But just for shits and giggles, Im going to challenge you to post them. 

 This one is going to be fun because I didn't get your being pregnant out of thin air .. it was YOU who was saying (again) that you were pregnant. Remember? Note the dates on them as well.

 Then there is the email exchange between you and I during that brief period of time we were truced up?

You can deny this is or ever was your email address, but remember this- I have the emails with the headers intact. Those headers will go right back to you, and your ip. I should also tell you I sent all of these emails to RCMP as part of my original complaint.. so they have them too.I'd be more than happy to post it if you want me to. 

And last but not least 

Hell no, I didn't deny sending them .. I DID send the emails. Unlike you, I admit to things Ive done . I dont hide behind lies and spin. Nor do I make up fake twitter accounts in an attempt to stir the pot, illicit support or take the heat off myself. 

Born within minutes of you revision post. Obvious McScary Troll is obvious.

No, We're Not Related #AmericanIdol

This post is a departure from the norm on here, but I wanted to get this on record before Brianne Chantal Patterson aka Gossiping Pens and her 5548954743874584 plus identities can start spinning any shit about it. 

This morning I got asked if I was related to Ben Briley, the guy on American Idol. Since Im not a fan of reality tv and never watch it or American Idol, I had no idea who they were talking about. 

I was soon told there is a guy on American Idol this time around named Ben Briley. When I went looking for this, sure enough there is. Via Gossip Cop -  American Idol Reveals Top 30 for Season 13 — With A Twist! SEE FULL LIST HERE!

I need to go on record now by saying, because we all know how Hairy McScary operates and she doesnt care who she involves in her cyber-crimes, Ben Briley and I are NOT related. 

Hear that McScary - NOT RELATED - so leave this man alone. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

While We're On The Subject Of Brianne's Scams -

Remember all those ticket and giftcard giveaways? You know, the ones that never result in what's promised. 

Like - 

Madonna Tickets, One Direction Tickets? Tickets to screenings of The X-Factor?

So many links here - 

Starbucks gift card promises for liles of your Gossip Gypsy blog

Then when you and your VIP Tatttler blog gets called out for scamming people you threaten legal action? Only problem is the attorney you cited as your own never heard of you... 

Then there are all of those fraudulent DMCA take downs you file. Not only do you commit fraud when you do this, but you back date articles to claim as your own, no matter how bad they make you look. This is just one example -  ... there is also all the fraudulent DMCA notices you filed again Vancity Filming. Hell you even admitted to writing a death threat to me just so you could file a fraudulent DMCA notice - .
Then there are the times your fraudulent DMCA notices you file actually work, until the ones you filed against counter them and you cant prove ownership and the work gets restored. In the meantime you sure do like to brag about the trouble youve caused them; dont you?


How about soliciting donations for Casey Anthony, then backpedaling when getting caught?

Then there is the matter of scamming people related to Casey Anthony videos. For what? Fame? Money? Both? 

Or using a school shooting as a means to scam? How much money did you get from this and where is your proof it went to intended recipients?

Then there is this little gem

Remember when you got your fat ass stuck in the stall at Starbucks? Remember how you bragged you'd make them pay for more than your dry cleaning bill? Remember how you bragged when they finally ponied up? Remember making this prmose? 

Then there are the gift cards and "binders of love" that never materialized 

This behavior goes back at least to 2009 (probably longer) when she accused a gas station of charging her $100.00 rather than $10.00. Read about that here ( scroll down comments). 

Then there is the matter of all the videos she's stolen over the years - and this is only a small count. Im sure there are many, many more.

Then there was the BB (Big Brother) giveaway package you promised .. which never materialized. 

Then the BB giveaway changed from end of January to the end of February. Guess you had to buy some more time.

Now I know you've tried to make it appear like I ran the Tilly Facebook page, even though Ive proven that YOU in fact ran it - and promoted it all over the internet under your name. Read that HERE. I also know that you continue to commit identity theft, forgery and fraud by keeping my name on the Prayers For Tilly Twitter accout. Even though at one time you had YOUR name and link to YOUR facebook page on it. YOU even spammed the hell out of many while using it .

And speaking of "forgery" - You keep running around screaming about me forging your name..even suggest RCMP "confirmed" it, but fail to tell the whole story. The only thing RCMP confirmed is that I made a series of posts in which I UPFRONT said were pure bullshit and fakes and the reason I was doing so was because YOU had been doing it to me, and had done it to so many others. I was proving how easy it was to fake such content. 
Remember the posts? No? Read them at links below:

But now tell me.. how is it "forgery" when not all of your name was used? Not like the times you've used my entire name ( as in the forged Tilly twitter account) and the threat you swore I sent you. .. the one that sent me on the search on how to fake such things. Like Ive said before, I had no idea these things could be done.. until YOU. You can thank this FORGED tweet using my name for my being able to out YOUR FORGERIES now. 

Then there is the partial email you like to trot out

As usual, you only revealed the part that suited your needs. How about the rest of them in this series? Like the one where Tim Shields, a pillar of society himself, tried to intimidate me by telling me he'd reported me to my local LE? Yeah, one phone call proved that  lie ... gotta say, its good to have relatives in law enforcement. 

You also failed to reveal why this particular series of email exchanges took place... but I wont. Tim Shields asked me (as Im sure he asked Brianne) to keep him apprised of any postings, harassment, etc. When the below comment was made by Brianne on another blog and I was made aware of it, I made him aware. Of course she lied out of it, but it was confirmed it was her.

This is the series of emails that she chooses to only use part of. 

*SIDE NOTE:  The above exchange of letters were written by me at a particularly volatile time.. I thought it pertinent to include the letters in total so that you, the readers could see the truth. **

It seems Mr Shields was unaware that Canada allows for parody in written form. He was none to happy when I explained it later and offered specific examples. You can read the law and examples HERE.

Any moron could have seen from the very beginning the "offensive" post was a total parody.. for God's sake, it was labeled "spoof." But good old Hairy McScary never tells the truth, the whole truth and would know the truth if it bit her on her ass. 

Last but certainly not least is the hospital scam in which she claims to have been given the wrong medication, even though she admits to no real adverse side effects I cant help but wonder just what she thought she was going to get out of this besides making herself look like a money grubbing attention whore.

As for the identity theft and forgeries Brianne has done using my daughter's name... I wont post them here, but I will be happy to forward to the proper authorities that have been reading this blog for the past few weeks. You can contact me using the address above under the "contact me" tab.

Grifters, Scammers And Babycakes

How many of us have gotten less than stellar service while out at a restaurant or coffee shop? How many of us have had mistakes in charges made when using a debit or credit card? It happens, people are human and humans make mistakes.

Most of us being reasonable and sane bring it to the establishments attention and they make it right and we all go on with our happy lives. 

Unless you're Brianne Chantal. She has made it her mission to (attempt) to destroy any establishment that 'does her wrong.' 

She has a long history of this. Its a well established grifter trick... complain and get freebies or monetary compensation from the establishment you're complaining about. Grifters know that these places normally settle as a way to stop the potential public backlash and bad press.. and grifters, like Brianne, use it to their advantage. 

Most recently I was reminded about her attempt to do the same to Cockney Kings Fish & Chips. 

She stated that she ordered take out and when she got home realized she had been overcharged. When she got home? I dont know about any of you, but I check my receipts at the store.. BEFORE I get home. But then again, Im not a grifter. 

She want on a long ass rant on her blogs, Twitter accounts and as she always does. She posted on Vancouver Forums (and got her ass handed to her) about this and in true McScary fashion attached links to her blog where she had ranted about this establishment even more. 

Then she took to Ripoff Report - her favorite place to post, and here is where it gets interesting. Not only did she post, but she came back some months later to call herself out .. the only mistakes she made was forgetting to use a different name and using the same phraseology. 

"Babycakes?" Remember when you used that word when threatening me oh so long ago?
I do . . . 


 Interesting and perhaps telling the links they looked at. Who is Brianne Chantal Patterson?  Who indeed.
Countdown to McScary screaming "photoshopped" because denial is all she's got.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brianne Patterson Invokes The Courtney Love Defense

After this post where I proved she lied to the RCMP about never publicly stating her new location Brianne did what anyone else with her particular brand of crazy would do - she claimed she didnt know the post was public! 

Come the fuck on Brianne.. you couldn't come up with something better than that? On a page that is clearly open and clearly public.. you have the nerve to say you didnt believe the comment to be public?! 

Please, you know how Facebook works.. you can't think for one minute anyone in their right minds would believe you; do you?

As to how I got those shots and links? Now a single Google was Googled.. but an message was opened. A message from someone you know. How else would I get those Facebook pages? You have me blocked, remember? And darlin' youre just not worth setting up another facebook page for.. besides... alts are your specialty. 

I will get to all your other bullshit on that post, but not now. Soon though. Very soon.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"I've NEVER publicly stated where I currently reside" - Brianne Chantal Patterson

Remember when you wrote that in your letter to the RCMP?

I guess you must have forgotten about your comment on Richard Stewart's (the  Mayor of Coquitlam British Columbia) Facebook page when you wrote that.

Remember the "unusual alert" he posted advising citizens of Coquitlam to exercise caution while using parks and trails? 

Let me highlight it for you - "As a new resident of Coquitlam"dated May 17, 2013.

Before you can accuse me of building a time machine, going back in time and posting this as you... or somehow "forging" your name on Facebook.. we should take a look at your Facebook page. Notice the friends listed on the left ... I'm sure anyone of them could, if need be, verify this is indeed your page. 

 Here is another shot of your Facebook page, with the address bar included.. just in case your still spinning that hamster wheel in your brain trying to figure out how to get out of this one. 

I imagine once you run over to this page and delete your comment you'll begin to ask yourself "where else did I post?" "what did Holly screen cap before I deleted it?" 

You'd be right to ask yourself that, because you never know whose fortune I'll be telling next.