Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where Are The Prayers Brianne?

Anyone who has ever lost a loved one, or had a loved one fighting for their lives due to disease knows the holidays can be the roughest time of all. 

This is one of the times that the families need all the support and prayers they can get.

This is why I find the fact that Brianne has taken the holidays off on her Prayers For Tilly Facebook page. 

You would think that the holidays would have been the time she encouraged the members of that page to rally around this family by sending cards, encouraging thoughts, etc to to this family. 

What did Brianne do? Took the holidays off. Abandoned this family and sick child when they needed them the most. 

The only thing posted on this page the entire month of December were posts to bash me, and promote Brianne's drama and need for revenge.

The only thing that has appeared on it since the New Year is a post that whores out Brianne's blog (Gossiping Pens)  and offers some hope of winning a prize.... IF you "like" them. 

Which reminds me... I wonder if she ever gave that Starbuck's gift card away that was promised in December ... IF you liked the page.

Again I ask... WHERE are the prayers Brianne?


Anonymous said...

I quit that page when she asked us to report this blog under different account names if we had them. I knew then that she was just using precious Tilly and didnt care about her at all. Since then Ive learned heaps about Brianne. Im sorry I ever believed her about you.

Holly Briley said...

No worries Anonymous ( I took your name off your post btw because it appeared to be tied to your Aim account.. protecting you from retaliation) Many people have realized just how insane Brianne is and more learning each day.

Anonymous said...

Brianne has been obsessed with you Holly forever. When will she grow the hell up? There has GOT to be some real people in her life (parents, psychiatrists, etc) that know what she's been doing. There's got to be.

She's been stalking you since I first got on Twitter. At least 2 years. She is really a STALKER in every sense of the word.

And all her "giveaway" that never happen. That's fraud. Why isn't she in jail?

And lastly, her sociopathic personality. Using a sick baby for her own attention. That's just SICK. No telling what's next.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of her or her blogs until I commented on her story that the woman who live tweeted her husband's fatal car crash was a hoax. I commented that I don't think it was a hoax because there are photographs, news reports, and even an obit for her husband. She changed my comment from that to "Interesting" then she proceeded to blog my IP from all of her blogs. That's when I knew she was somewhat mentally unstable. I was unable to get back on her blogs to see how she changed my original comment by hiding my IP address.

Out of curiosity I looked up the person who ran that blog and found her name and the more I Googled her the more I found others saying how off-putting she seems to be. She is one weird person and not very professional at all. If she ever wants to make money as a professional blogger she needs to be more business-like and less emotional. Blocking IPs just because someone respectfully disagrees with her is a sign of insecurity.

Holly Briley said...

Brianne's name and her antics are well known in the blogging world. She ruined any chance of ever being considered reputable long ago. A few may pick up on her here and there but they too soon learn the truth about her and drop her like she's hot. Most recent being Scallywag and Vagabond. Then when they do.. she does what she does best .. retaliate.
She'll never be anything but a hack.. and a bad one at that.