Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When All Else Fails - Claim You've Been Hacked

When I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was .. and is .. indeed Brianne Chantal Patterson behind the Prayers For Tilly Godwin Facebook page   (now renamed to Prayers For Tilly) she did what every online coward has done before her - she claimed the page was "hacked."

When she got  called out by one of the followers .. that followers statement and request were simply ignored.

Then the post.. and the supporter simply disappeared from the comments all together. Banned perhaps for daring to question ?? 

I laugh at Brianne calling this blog a "bully blog" while conveniently forgetting the MANY MANY blogs and postings containing LIES that she has done not only on me but on countless others. ... and continues to do them as evidenced above in the Tilly page post. 

No Brianne... its not a bully blog - its a TRUTH blog. You just dont like that the TRUTH IS ABOUT YOU. 

Did you think that you could get away with your actions forever and that no one would eventually take you to task? Think again. 

The only thing about you that got hacked was that considerable hairball you choked up when THE TRUTH was laid out. The TRUTH about ..... YOU. 


Anonymous said...

Im not sure if you know this or not but she asked everyone on that facebook page to report this blog so it would get deleted. To me that just proves that she is afraid of you and afraid others are finding out what she really is.

Holly Briley said...

I am aware of that, yes. Good luck to her on that too. :) Thank you for looking out for me.

Paige said...

Ive just spent the last two hours reading this blog and I can not believe this Patterson person. She has to be the craziest person ever. Now Im going to follow the links youve provided to her other online crimes. I cant beleive this level of crazy is walking the streets still.

UberSpork said...

She is so many levels above crazy. Absolute whack job.