Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Well... At Least This One Isn't An Egg

Earlier today a comment was left on this post by someone calling themselves "Stalked By Brianne." As with any of these types of comments, my spidey senses tingle.. but I approved it basically to preserve the IP it came from. 

Now anyone with half a brain that wasn't already ate up with the crazies would have just tucked tail and never posted again, but we're not talking about just anyone here.. we're talking about Brianne Chantal Patterson - the queen of the crazies.  

I followed the link in the name of the commenter and this is what I found: 

Crazy McCracker Pants had set up an entire blog .. about herself .. to stalk herself? 

It didn't stop there as I went onto Twitter and found that I was being followed by this account: 

Before I blocked it all together, I looked at the account ( as I always do) and yepp.. you guessed it. The ONLY person this account was following was lil' ole me. While I should be flattered... I'm more skeeved out. 

 I have to give her an "A" for effort though, at least this time she took the time to put an avatar on this account and not just leave it an egg. 

Now begins the countdown where she denies and lies. 

Well that didn't take long at all. Blog all gone and Twitter account back to an egg.
(thanks to the one who dm'd me this heads up)

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Anonymous said...

She also dusted off one of her old names and have been using it on Twitter. @Briadoublene. I been following her on it and she dont know who I am. She closed it up for now so I'll let you know when it pops back up.