Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Scrub A Dub Dub Brianne's In The Tub

When Brianne's postings, lies and bullshit fails ( and the always do) she goes to Plan B which is playing the victim. 

After her latest series of attempts to wiggle out of stalking herself and impersonating celebrities then getting busted for it she comes back to Twitter a brand new girl. Tweets scrubbed and a "cyber-bullying survivor." 

Creepily enough, her Twitter profile looks very similar to mine. Similar background and profile background. Why oh why does this chick so desperately want to be me? 

Then she gets out the industrial strength Ajax and begins to scrub her blogs of anything that remotely makes HER look like THE BULLY SHE IS. The only thing about this is, cache, screen shots and the chronicling her abuses still exist. Never mind the FACT that she still FALSELY identifies me as someone who caused a person to commit suicide ( an imaginary person at that) on her Tilly Godwin blog which is all about me and on her Gossping Pens blog.

But the most hilarious moves are the tweets about "the authorities" and the "RCMP" being at her house. They were there... just not for the reason she says. 

I wont bore your brains out with all of the tweets, but I just have to share the MOST hilarious one of all:

 Employment! LMAO!! Guess she forgets that in the past she has said that she is unable to work due to a mental disability? 
It's obvious she doesn't consider all of the people SHE may have prevented from getting work because of her LIES to be important. Zero compassion for others - yet another mark of a truly sociopathic mind.

Ain't Karma a bitch cupcake?

But wait. Did she forget these tweets about being at work? 

Then there is the matter of her saying the RCMP told her to contact me via Twitter to tell me to stop contacting her? First of all .. I doubt that they did this and Im certain they would NOT have advised her to use a sock account to do so.

 This also begs the question - Why didn't you just call MY local LE agency? Its not like you don't have the number... or could it be you didn't call because they told you long ago to STOP contacting them?

Playing victim however didn't prevent her from putting on a brand new pair of socks and tweeting to people I happened to be speaking with. 

 The Sixth Spice Girl? Could you be anymore obvious? 

Think she told the RCMP about all of this? I doubt... but somehow I think they already know. 


Anonymous said...

This Bitch is BatShit cray cray.. I'm not following her on Twitter.. Cause she deletes her tweets and locks her page. I'm WTF.. Does she know people can Sreenshot them. What a nutcase. She was after Branden one of my great friends. Now you. I wonder who's next. Can someone just lock her up and don't let her out. She needs to stay off the internet.. Someone needs to suspend all of her twitter accounts. How Can someone remember a thousand E-address and passwords.

Holly Briley said...

I have no friggin' clue how she remembers all her accounts and passwords.. she must have files FULL of them.
Someone needs to not only take her off the internet, but lock her up in a padded cell.. for life. Her kind of crazy can never be treated effectively. She is dangerous and Im sure one day we will hear of her killing someone.. or causing someone to commit suicide. Sad but true.