Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is It Bon Jovi, Children Or Just Anyone Getting More Attention Than You That You Despise?

Before Brianne used Tilly Godwin, it seems that she attacked another sick child and his family... because this child was given tickets to a Bon Jovi concert in Vancouver. 

I was tipped to this in an email, and there is a comment that alluded to this on The Dirty. 


While I can find very little about this as it seems to be localized to Brianne's area of Vancouver. There are some Google searches that reflect it. 

There is also a comment from someone named Pat Vitale Chadwick that would indicate Brianne's original post (which appears to have been removed) accused this boy's parents of using him and his illness for their own gain. 
**Side Note to Brianne - Unlike you, not everyone uses other people for their own personal gain 

Had this been a one time thing with Brianne, I may have given her the benefit of the doubt and just chalked it up to personal opinion on her part, but given what her history reveals and the recent events with the Tilly Godwin lies .. I cant say its its anything but what it truly is. Trolling and anger because someone got what she thought she deserved more. 


AJ said...

She said more than you were able to find. I remember when that happened and she said some very bad things about him and his parents all of which she deleted when people told her off. I commented on that as well and was horrified by her behaviour.

Michelle said...

This bitch should be locked away for the rest of her life. She's a menace to society.