Wednesday, January 15, 2014

If It Weren't So Pathetic And Desperate - It Would Almost Be Laughable

The lengths that Brianne Chantal Patterson will go to in order to harass and imitate people
all while trying to get herself out the hot seat she chose to set in. 


Of course this is false, and it has been reported as impersonation to Twitter. 

Before this account locked up and deleted its tweets, I managed to get some screen shots. All of the tweets of this account were either about me, or to me. Talking to and stalking yourself might be Brianne's gig... but its not mine. 

Give it up Brianne... you'll never be me... regardless of how much you want to.


Michelle said...

The Facebook page is gone again but she was on there posting as you before it went away. We all reported it to Facebook.

Holly Briley said...

Thanks Michelle. I hope everyone reports that page. It is awful to use a sick baby the way Brianne has. I did see it earlier. Desperate and obvious.