Friday, January 10, 2014

Hey Brianne Chantal - How About That "Binder Of Love?"

Remember when Brianne had that Facebook all about me Tilly Godwin and all the trolling of others and blatant self promotion prayers that were on there?

Remember that "Binder of Love" that was going to be made and sent out? 

You do? Well you're not alone. Seems others are also questioning the existence of it. 


 Maybe Brianne just lied her fat ass off about it like she always does just so that she could get a broader audience and promote her LIES of others forgot about it. 

After all, it looks like she's been really ... really busy. 

Update: Looks like she put the Facebook page back up:


Anonymous said...

oooh, you are on a roll today :) LOVE IT!!!!!

Holly Briley said...

You know, I feel truly bad for the people who joined that Facebook page thinking it was going to be what it was advertised to be. The people who REALLY and TRULY cared about this baby and her plight. I only hope no one gave Brianne money, though I suspect they probably did.

Anonymous said...

She is nuts.

Holly Briley said...

You wont get any argument from me on that! LOL LOL LOL

A M said...

I was in that group and she did have a post up there about having to ask for donations for postage. A few of us expressed concerns about this since she didnt never say anything about this at the beginning. I got banned. One of my friends that were in the group till it closed said she deleted that post.

Joyce said...

So does that mean she'll be banning herself from the new blog? She is after all THE BIGGEST TROLL of all.

Anonymous said...

She told me I won one of them Starbucks cards but I never got it and then when I asked her about this she accused me of harrassing her and blocked me. She is a LIAR and a SCAM artist. I reported her to BBB for this and the Binder of Love scam since we sent her money and nothing every happen