Tuesday, January 28, 2014

GossipingPens.com - BrianneChantal.com: 18039 Chatsworth Street, Los Angeles, California. UPDATED 1/31/14

This morning I received a Google alert to my name, when I followed the link it took me to an old lie Brianne had posted on her personal dot com, BrianneChantal(.)com.  I don't know why I got this alert so late, but in following it, I found more proof that Brianne Chantal does indeed own, run and administers The Gossiping Pens website .. even though she vehemently denies this. Remember ... I was being sent to her personal blog.. not Gossiping Pens. 

The story the link went to had since been taken down as it was one of the many her host made her remove because it contained my name. Below is a screenshot of what I saw in it's place.
Notice the underlined in red. Then notice the bottom of the screenshot - "Apache Server at www.briannechantal.com Port 80."


And just so that I can not be accused of photoshopping this, you can try it for yourselves. This is the link -  http://www.briannechantal.com/blog/2013/12/10/derek-pfeifer-holly-briley/.

As of today, Brianne's dot com blog looks like: 


All of this aside, the thing I found most interesting is .. it would appear by her Gossiping Pens registry, Brianne lives at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.. in LA, California. See the "registrants address" outlined in red. 


And that phone # she gave - 1-800-275-8777? That would be the US Post Office:












Can anyone say FRAUD?



No sooner than this post went up did the registry for Brianne's Gossiping Pens blog change. She has now placed her old Burnaby address on it as registrants address. And that phone number? Tsk Tsk Brianne. You know what I mean

Yes, Brianne this is your old address ... and its still a fraud. I wonder.. does your host know youre doing this.. you know... again? And please dont attempt to deny this because a nice lady at the RCMP ( you them, right?) is the reason I know its an old address and the reason I know where you call home now. ... dont worry though.. that'll be our little secret

She also has her other blog (that she swears she doesn't own) The Gossip Gypsy registered to this same address .. her old address. Hmmm.  Registrant information for it can be found HERE


Anonymous said...

Holly, your investigative skills are impeccable. This info just falls into your lap, unbeknownst to psycho. Of course, you know, someone created that blog under her name or hacked her computer.

She sure loves her take out. She's always tweeting about stuffing her face at McD's, Taco Bell, Starbucks.

So, does anyone know what kind of cancer she has, what stage, etc? Wasn't she supposed to be dead of liver and kidney failure over a week ago, according to a post..her post, on the dirty.com? I'm beginning to think she's not even human or spirit. Just plain demon.

Enjoy your family bucket with your new invisible boyfriend...heheheheee. Can't wait to see the pics (poses with a male gay friend, no doubt). NOT A KNOCK AGAINST BEING GAY. My cousin is gay, so don't bother trippin on that one, poopy britches.

Anonymous said...

She sure loves her take out. KFC. McD's. Starbucks. #inhaler

Impeccable investigative skills Holly. Love that some of this info falls into your lap. If course, we know she was hacked and it's not her blog.

Hiders trying to hide.

Anonymous said...

She's been using her old address...even for dmca claims, etc? WOW! That's not exactly favourable for someone who's already being monitored by LE.

I'm sure twitter would LOVE to know about this. She's calling fraud as she commits it.

You're not invincible, shit head.

Lying again said...

Funny, the RCMP doesn't seem to think it's fraud.

If anything, all this blog article of yours does is prove the fact that you are, indeed, stalking Brianne.

That also is her #.

Holly Briley said...

Hi Brianne... no need to anonymous post here, I'll publish your comments. In the meantime.. you might want to read this: