Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson's Depravity Knows No Bounds #BigBrother

Although this took place before the holidays, I chose to wait to blog about it until after they had passed. Who really wants Hairy McScary in their minds during the holidays? That would be like finding a nugget of wormed filled reindeer crap in your stocking - NOT sensational.

When the shit hit the fan on her Facebook page, Prayers For Tilly, where I have to say.. very little prayers were taking place, Brianne decided to invent a suicide and blame me for this. 

Mind you, this isnt the first time Brianne has used suicide as a way to garner attention. You can read about that here. Needless to say, that turned out much as this latest one did.. it backfired horribly in her face.

But I digress. She announced this latest suicide on her Facebook page, then went on a full out posting all over the internet about it. All of course linked back to her now defunct Gossip Gypsy blog and the Facebook page. Below are the screen shots of this. 

This went on for a few days and while I have a folder full of screen shots about it I posted only these few. 

As I said before she took this fake suicide tale all over the internet, hitting any and all Big Brother sites she could. One such site, Big Brother Access not only discovered she was using multiple alt names, they published this fact as well. 

In a posting that appeared on Big Brother Access about Tilly being cancer free Brianne made several alts and posted libelous lies about not only myself, but family as well. The story link is: and while I can no longer find this particular story (as I suspect it was taken down due to Brianne's constant spamming it) I did manage to get the screen shots were the comments were edited by the site (mine included) pay close attention to the comments outlined in red.

These are the comments broken down into larger sections as the above may be hard to read on some screens: 

This outing sent Brianne into a alted up self stalking fit of rage that topped anything she had done to date. She headed over to Live Journal ( yes.. its still in existence - who knew, right? lol) where she alted up and as always, got her ass handed to her, then got banned... at least under the names she used at the time. 

Some of the postings have been taken down by Live Journal, but you can still read a lot of them and the other members calling Brianne out this craziness by clicking here then using the forward areas to scroll through. The last thread in this series ends with the one titled- WTF Is Going On by a member named Jordan. While I too pretty much got harshed on in these threads, Im okay with that, as they dont know me... but they DO know Brianne and all of her crazy! 

What is both curious and telling here is that she .. and only she.. seems to know when these postings go up online. Now, we know she's not psychic.. psychotic, yes... psychic, no - because within minutes she takes to the Tilly Facebook page and announces there are imposters out there. What she forgets to say is she is the imposter pretending not to be. 

Probably one of the most despicable things Brianne did in all of this ( and there are many ) is starting an entire blog that while named Prayers For Tilly Godwin, it is all about me. I can honestly not find one prayer offered up for this sick child, and not a single mention of her name in which Brianne doesnt somehow tie it to me and her hatred of me. You can read the blog by clicking here if you chose to. And dont worry, if she deletes the post on it.. I have screen shots. 

While I never watched Big Brother and prior to Brianne using this child and her plight in such a heinous manner I had never heard of these people. Now I cant help now but feel a deep, profound sadness that from now until the end of time, this sick child ...  a child fighting for her life will forever be tied to the sick depravity we all know as Brianne Chantal Patterson.

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Anonymous said...

Brianne's really gone off the deep end with all of this. No words to describe it.